Apple’s Shipping Strategy = Little Things in Small Packages

The most frustrating thing about upgrading to the iPhone 5 was the new Apple Lightning cable interface. Sure it’s smaller and more convenient, but we now had to buy some 30-pin Apple Lightning cable adapters in order to use all of our old Apple cables. So we ordered some adapters and were completely surprised by Apple’s shipping strategy and how they were shipped. A tiny item the size of a fingernail was shipped in a box big enough to hold a stack of 5 DVDs.

Apple’s Shipping Strategy: Big Box, Tiny Product

Apple's Shipping Strategy

So why did Apple decided to ship this tiny adapter in such a large box? Reddit user utnow has a theory:

“When shipping with FedEx or ups there is a minimum size and weight where you no longer gain any benefits from getting any smaller. In this case, the box is mostly air space, so it’s light… But keeping the weight constant it would not get any cheaper if it were stuffed in an envelope. With this in mind, shipping in a larger box will deter theft while keeping costs roughly the same. Smart move.”

What Happens When You Buy Bubble Wrap Online?

This isn’t the first time has blogged about ridiculous shipping practices. Back in October 2011, drdoctorphd bought some bubble wrap on Amazon and posted this photo on Reddit. Does bubble wrap really need to be wrapped up in more bubble wrap?

minted methodshop

What about you? Have you ever bought something online and been completely dumbfounded by how it was shipped? Please post a photo and comment below.

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