Have you ever used your mobile phone while in the bathroom? Chances are, you answered yes. According to this Toilet Talk infographic, 75% of people have used their smartphone while in the bathroom and 1 in 4 people always use their phones in the bathroom. And according to the research, this excessive smartphone usage in bathrooms is making us all sick.

What Do People Do With Their Phones In The Bathroom?

Is it normal to use your phone on the toilet? Yes. So what do you do with your phone in the bathroom? Tweet? Text? Watch videos? Talk to your boss? Play games like Angry Birds? This infographic has some interesting statistics on what people do and don’t do in the bathroom (like washing their hands). Here are some of the most disgusting highlights:

  • 8% of people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. Yuck!
  • One in six phones has traces of feces on it. OMG!
  • iPhone users are more likely to tweet from the toilet than Android users. Help! #ijustranoutoftoiletpaper!!!
  • 30% of Generation Y say they would not sit on a toilet without their phone.
  • 19% of people have dropped their phone in a toilet.

Toilet Talk: Smartphone Usage in Bathrooms

So the next time you decide to hold someone else’s’ phone, choose wisely! You can see the full infographic below:
Toilet Talk: Smartphone Usage in Bathrooms

Gross Stats on Smartphone Usage in Bathrooms

So the next time you are worried about “touching” something dirty in a public restroom, look no further than your own smartphone. Statistically, your phone is dirtier than a toilet seat. Remember that the next time you are in a dirty gas station bathroom.

Using your cell phone in the bathroom is a dirty habit. Here are some general tips on how to keep your mobile phone cleaner and improve the overall health of yourself and the people around you:

  • Is it bad to take your phone in the bathroom? Yes. Try to use your mobile phone less while in the restroom.
  • Wash your hands immediately after touching someone else’s phone.
  • Invest in a container of antibacterial wipes and making cleaning your smartphone a regular habit.

NERD NOTE: Your smartphone is dirtier than a toilet seat. In most cases, the average smartphone carries 7-10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

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