Not that you ever should – because it’s illegal and there are pretty much cameras everywhere these days – but if you were going to do a “hit and run,” do the exact OPPOSITE of this…

ChicagoThe incident, which happened on Belmont Ave in Chicago, started when the driver in the black car hit a taxi. After the initial collision (which wasn’t recorded in the YouTube clip), the driver in the black car attempts to escape. However the taxi driver gets out of his car with a screwdriver and repeatedly yells “give me your insurance card.” The taxi driver then tries to block the black car by standing in the street.

After being pushed by the black car several times, the taxi driver eventually bangs on the drivers window with the screwdriver. Then the driver goes into full panic mode and smashes into a 2nd taxi, backs up into a parked car which hits another parked car, hits the first taxi again and then finally hits a caravan stopped in traffic before speeding away.

Stay classy Chicago!

Via K Moore