Cooking Thanksgiving dinner often takes forever. To help you pass the time, Netflix prepared an infographic called “Turkey Day Playlists” that tells you which movies and TV shows you should watch based on the weight of your turkey and its cook time.

Netflix’s Thanksgiving Day Playlists

So what’s on Netflix’s Thanksgiving playlist? Some of the suggestions include Flight, Cake Boss, Pulp Fiction, Red Dawn, Dredd, Skyfall and The Avengers.

What to Watch on Netflix After Thanksgiving Dinner
Turkey Day Playlists from Netflix

America are you ready for Thanksgiving dinner?! Got some better TV or movie recommendations? Please post a comment below.

NERD NOTE: Over 45 million turkeys ended up on Thanksgiving diner tables last year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. That’s a lot of food comas (thanks Tryptophan!).