How To Enable Location Services Mac OS X

Are the date and time settings out of sync on your Mac? If your Clock has you in a different time zone, then a Mac OS X preference called Location Services probably needs to be turned on. This is an easy fix and will enable your Apple computer (iMac, PowerBook, MacBook, Mac Mini, etc) to automatically update itself with the correct time and date based on your current location. Here’s what you need to do to enable location services for Mac OS X.

01) Open “System Preferences” from under the Apple menu

Click on the Apple icon in the top left of your screen and scroll down to select the System Preferences application.

Mac OS X System Preferences

02) Select the “Security & Privacy” Icon

Security & Privacy

03) Authenticate Yourself

You’ll need an administrator password in order to proceed. If you don’t have the admin password, then ask you local admin or the person who set up your computer. Click on the padlock and enter in your admin info to authenticate yourself.

Authenticate yourself

04) Enable Location Services Mac OS X

Click on the checkbox and Enable Location Services in the Mac OS X operating system. This will activate the location services for your computer.

Location Services

NERD NOTE: According to Apple, enabling location services won’t personally identify you or your location. The Macintosh operating system only uses information from your local WiFi networks to help determine your approximate location.

05) Pat yourself on the back

That’s it! Starting now, your Mac should know exactly where it is as long as it has access to the Internet. We hope you found this tutorial helpful on how to enable location services Mac OS X. Please consider dropping a dollar in our beer fund. Thanks!
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