iPin Laser Review – Convenient Laser Pointer Attachment For iPhone

You’d be surprised how often a laser pointer can come in handy. I usually keep one in my work bag for presentations. But when looking at ways to reduce the bulk and weight of my laptop bag, I discovered the iPin laser presenter for iPhone. The iPin is a tiny iPhone-powered laser pointer that comes with its own slide-controlling iOS app.

Elegant Design Of The iPin Laser Pointer

The iPin laser pointer is tiny. It’s just a small piece of hardware that gets inserted into your iPhone‘s headphone jack. For a size comparison, here’s an image of the iPin with a MethodShop pen below.


And since it sits almost flush against the phone, the iPin pointer can conveniently be left in the audio jack even when not in use.


Using Your iPin Laser Presenter

To use the iPin, you need to rotate it into position and then open up the iPin app (free iOS download here). If you don’t have the iPin in the correct position then the app will instruct you until you do. Once in position, then just press on the red circle to activate your laser. Voilà!


Where To Buy The iPin Laser Pointer For iPhone

The iPin can be found in many major retail stores that sell iPhone accessories, like Best Buy, or online from retailers like eBay for about $12-20.

iPin Laser Presenter For iPhone

iPin Laser Presenter For iPhone


The iPin laser presenter can be a very useful tool for teachers, business professionals, and contractors. It can turn any iPhone into a laser pointer in a matter of seconds. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you wished that you had a laser pointer and didn’t, then you’ll probably benefit from having an iPin laser presenter.

For more product information, visit ipinlaser.com or follow them on Twitter at @iPinLaser.

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