Want to laugh your ass off every time your baby sucks on his/her pacifier? The Mustachifier is a hilarious baby pacifier with a built-in mustache that just looks ridiculous. The Mustachifier isn’t a cheap novelty item. It’s a high-quality pacifier made from premium baby-friendly materials, sturdy (you can’t rip the mustache piece off if you tried) and even comes with a snap-on cap.

The Mustachifier’s Tip

One of the most important features of a pacifier is the tip. The Mustachifier has a bulb-like nipple which most babies prefer.

Baby Friendly Materials

The Mustachifier pacifier is made from “baby safe” materials and does NOT contain Phthalate, Latex, BPA or Lead. So your baby can suck away worry-free. The plastic on the outside is also smooth with no rough edges to irritate the baby’s face.


Snap-On Cap

One of the most annoying things about pacifiers is keeping them clean. Most parents will do things like wrap up a pacifier in a paper towel or put them in a Ziploc bag before putting them in their pocket or diaper bag. But the Mustachifier comes with a snap-on hygienic cap that just snaps on over the tip of the pacifier. Awesome feature not common with most pacifiers.


Mustachifier Styles

You can get a variety of styles for your Mustachifier including The Ladies Man, The Cowboy, The Gentleman and The Full Monty. My personal favorite is the Cowboy. It’s the image pictured below.


Final Thoughts

The Mustachifier looks cute, has quality manufacturing and makes for a great photo opportunity. It sells for ~$10 and is definitely worth the money. You can buy the Mustachifier here from Amazon.com.