Pixar Fans Create A Live Action Remake of Toy Story

Have you ever wondered what the iconic 1995 animated film Toy Story would look like in real-life? The Live-Action Toy Story Project is the brainchild of Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta, two friends from Arizona whose dream is to get hired by Disney‘s 3D animation arm, Pixar. Their dream is hardly unique. Pixar receives thousands of applications every year. But Jonason and Jesse did something very epic that definitely got them noticed by Pixar. They spent 2-years creating a full-length, shot-by-shot remake of Disney’s Toy Storyminted methodshop using stop-motion camera work and toys.

Before uploading the final video to YouTube, Jonason and Jesse tweeted several Pixar executives until they got loose permission to do so. The film debuted on YouTube on Jan. 12, 2013 and went viral instantly getting over 3 million views in just 3 days. A year later the YouTube video, titled “Live Action Toy Story,” currently has over 11 million views.

Toy Story: Woody & Buzz Lightyear Toy Story: Woody toystory-buzz-woody toystory-woody-buzz-fly

So looking back a year later, did Jonason and Jesse get hired by Pixar? Sadly no. The closest they came was getting  permission to hand out DVDs of their film to Pixar employees in the Pixar parking lot. Somewhat of an anti-climatic ending to their 2-year labor of love.

Do you think Disney/Pixar should have hired Jonason and Jesse? Please tell us in the comments below.
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