Canadian Easter Egg Hunt Turns Violent
Photo reenactment of a Canadian Easter Egg Fight.

Oh, Canada. Once upon a time, you made Americans look bad. But after multiple incidents of extreme parent violence at children’s ice hockey games, using children as speed bumps and embarrassing public figures like Rob Ford, it seems like Canada is finally showing its dark side. And just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, according to CBC News, parents were fist fighting and stealing eggs from other children at an Easter Egg Hunt in Quebec.

Canadian Easter Egg Fight

The chaos began after 10,000 people showed up for the Laval, Quebec Easter Egg Hunt when organizers had only anticipated 3,000. Angry parents then disassembled a fence, causing both children and parents to begin the hunt hours before the official start time. Things were so bad that organizers are already considering having police oversee next year’s Easter Egg Hunt.

A More Peaceful Easter Sunday

How was your Easter Sunday? Was it violence-free? Did you make a Peeps Pie or a Cheese Pie? Did you tell any resurrection jokes? What do you think about Canada? Tell us in the comments.

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