This Creepy Reverse Peephole Viewer Lets You Look Inside A Room

Here's How To Block It And Get Your Privacy Back.

Reverse Peephole Viewer Lets You Look Inside A Room
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The last time I was in France, I saw some weird guy in a hotel hallway looking into a peephole. He had something in his hand and I wasn’t exactly sure what he was doing. As far as I knew, you couldn’t look through a peephole from the outside. But apparently, I was wrong. For less than $50 you can buy something (that should probably be illegal) from Amazon called a “reverse peephole viewer.” This tiny little door viewer gadget enables anyone to look through the peephole of a door and see inside.

How Does A Reverse Peephole Viewer Work?

Reverse Peephole Viewer Field Of View
Reverse Peephole Viewer ($30)

If you ever walk around your apartment or hotel room naked, then this will probably creep you out.

A reverse peephole viewer reverses a peephole’s convex lenses. That’s right, any pervert can walk up to your door, hold up a peephole viewer, and look inside your room from the outside. The device looks like a small scope or monocular and easily fits in a pocket.

Legitimate Uses For A Reverse Peephole Viewer

According to manufacturers, there are legitimate use cases for a reverse peephole viewer.

  • Door viewer developed to assist law enforcement officers to assess potential threats and view real-time activity behind a door when the door has a peephole
Peephole Viewer
Reverse Peephole Viewer ($15-30)

How To Block Perverts With A Portable Peephole Cover

Peephole Cover
Portable Peephole Cover ($9)

For those of us who don’t want to be viewed through a peephole, you can buy a portable peephole cover for about $10. It’s a small investment that will definitely give you some piece of mind the next time you’re staying at a hotel. You can also just use some tape or a post-it note to cover the peephole if needed.

Airbnb & Hotel Privacy Checklist

Anytime I stay in a hotel room or an Airbnb, I always check first for hidden cameras and other privacy breaches. There have been cases where stalkers and voyeurs have installed hidden cameras.

  • Check Vents: Use a flashlight to look inside all air vents. They are common places for voyeurs to hide cameras.
  • Unplug Clocks: Be suspicious of all clocks. You can buy a digital or analog hidden camera clock for about $50 on Amazon.
  • Count Your Smoke Detectors: Do you have one too many smoke detectors? Hidden camera smoke detectors with WiFi cameras are another common way for voyeurs to spy on victims.
  • Block Your Peephole: Use either a peephole cover ($10) or tape to cover up your peephole.

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