10 Gadgets to Help Keep Your Lawn Pest Free

Want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood? A perfect lawn is a lot of work. And it’s not just all about weeding, watering and mowing. Pest control is a major concern for your yard’s health. Luckily, there are a few gadgets on the market that can help keep your yard pest free and looking great. Here are 10 gadgets to help keep your lawn pest free.

01) Solar Powered Mole & Gopher Sonic Spike

Moles, Voles, Rabbits & Gophers

If moles, voles (their smaller cousins) or gophers are a problem in your yard, then you will be happy to know that a variety of mole, vole and gopher removal options are available. A “sonic spike” is a non-lethal and poison-free way to drive away moles, gophers, voles, rabbits and other burrowing pests from your yard. Every 30 seconds, ultra-low frequency sonic pulses penetrate the soil. The sound is extremely irritating to moles because they are virtually blind and thus overly sensitive to sound and vibrations. The sonic pulses encourage underground varmints to vacate the property and also discourage return visits. Depending on the brand, one sonic spike usually treats up to 7,500 sq. ft. It usually takes about 1-2 weeks before the rodents get so annoyed that they move out of your yard… and go visit your neighbors. 🙂

Unlike other sonic spikes, Sweeney’s Solar Powered Sonic Spike, is solar powered. No batteries are required. A full solar charge can keep the spike going for up to 5 days. And the waterproof spike is built with a convenient mow-over design for ease-of-use.


02) The Black Hole Trap

Gophers & Rabbits

The Black Hole Trap is one of the most popular lethal critter traps on the market. It is easy to place in the ground and quite effective at capturing many types of larger varmint, especially gophers and rabbits. When triggered, the trap usually results in the neutralization of its target. However, it misses occasionally when enough dirt is pushed ahead to trigger the trap.

Although I prefer a non-lethal solution, gophers make big tunnels and as a result your lawn area can become very unstable and dangerous. An elderly man in my town broke his hip when part of his lawn caved in while he was pruning brushes in his backyard.


03) Deadset Precision Mole Trap

Moles & Gophers

Another morbid but effective mole trap is the Deadset Precision Mole Trap from Sweeneys. This trap contains springloaded spears that shoot into the ground, quickly killing the mole or gopher.


What sets this trap apart from others is how easy and safe it is to set. Unlike other mole traps that require you to stick your hand into a hole or springload a complicated clamp, the Deadset goes on the surface and can be loaded in a couple seconds.

04) Havaheart 2-Door Live Animal Trap

Raccoons, Opossums, Groundhogs, Woodchucks

Having raccoons on your property is never fun, as they go through your trash and, in some cases, might attack you or your pets. Raccoons are also notorious for tearing up lawns and gardens as they search for food. If you have a raccoon problem, then you might want to invest in a raccoon trap, which will allow you to relocate these pests in a humane manner.

Ideal for trapping raccoons, stray cats, opossums, groundhogs (woodchucks), and similar-size nuisance animals, the Havahart 2-Door Cage Trap is humane and has been designed for the safety of animals.  Two spring loaded trap doors allow animals to enter from either direction and a sensitive trigger ensures a quick and secure capture. The top of the trap has a metal plate around the handle protecting you during transportation.

It’s a good idea to check with your local authorities to determine the trapping laws in your area before using a live trap.


There are a variety of non-lethal traps that you can use to help relocate raccoons from your property. When buying a live animal trap, 2-door makes the most sense. It gives the animals 2-ways to enter the trap and avoids instances of a confused animal knocking over the trap attempting to get to the bait. Just be careful when handling the trap and releasing its victim. Raccoons often carry rabies.


05) Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer

Mosquitoes and other flying insects

Not only are mosquitoes an annoyance around the house, but they can also do damage to your lawn. These small insects will often set up nests in damp, shaded areas of your lawn, which kills the grass. Luckily, a mosquito trap in your yard which should eliminate this problem quickly.

The Flowtron 80-watt Electronic Insect Killer is just what you need to remove pesky insects, such as mosquitoes, from the guest list at your next picnic or outdoor get-together. This pesticide-free device plugs into any standard electrical socket and utilizes a high-intensity black light bulb to lure and eliminate light-sensitive flying insects.  A protective outer enclosure prevents injury to children, pets, birds, and wildlife. Flowtron makes several different models. The most powerful model, the 80-watt, is designed to protect an area of up to 1-1/2 acres.

flowtron1 flowtron2

06) SlugX Chemical Free Slug Trap

Snails, Slugs & Earwigs

Although slugs are very difficult to see, they do a lot of damage to your lawn and garden. Every night, slugs will come out of their hiding spots and begin to chew on any plants that they can find, leaving your garden and yard in bad shape.

The SlugX is a simple plastic box, that you pour beer in to attract and drown slugs. In addition to slugs, many other insects, including earwigs and moths are also frequently caught and killed with the SlugX. You can get similar results using a pie tin full of beer, but that will evaporate faster and attract other animals such as dogs.


07) Sunflower Snail and Slug Trap

Snails, Slugs & Earwigs

If you’re looking for a prettier slug trap, then the Sunflower Trap is for you. Just pour half of a beer into Terra Trade’s Sunflower Slug and Snail trap at night and see the results in the morning.


08) Copper Tape Barrier

Snails, Slugs & Earwigs

Another way to keep slugs out of your yard is to sprinkle coffee grounds around your lawn and use copper tape. Copper emits a tiny electric shock to slugs and deters them from going near it. For organic gardeners, copper tape is the best solution for keeping slugs off your plants without having to kill them. Even after it is corroded or dull, is still works. Plus it looks quite decorative too.


09) Yard Gard Electronic Pest Repeller

Bats, Rabbits, Cats, Dogs, Skunks,Opossums, Armadillos, Raccoons, Deer, Insects

The Yard Gard Electronic Pest Repeller by Bird-X is a species-specific sonic animal control device allows you to target the animal you want out of your yard. This electronic repeller can repel dogs, cats, deer, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, opossums, armadillos, bats and rabbits. Powerful sonic and ultrasonic sounds waves will scare away the pests for good without harming them.


The built-in motion sensor activates when there is movement in the yard but can also be set to “always on” to bypass the motion sensor. Ideal for yards, gardens, porches, buildings and greenhouses, this pest repeller covers 4,000 square feet.

10) Liquid Fence 113 Deer and Rabbit Repellent

Deer & Rabbit

Although they are adorable, deer  and rabbits can chew up your lawn very quickly. Scent is a very powerful sense for these animals, so you can scare them by spraying coyote urine or garlic based liquid in your yard. The scent lasts for a couple of weeks, at which time you will have to reapply it.

Liquid Fence’s Deer and Rabbit Repellent has a 100% money back guarantee that is designed to stop deer and rabbits from eating your lawn, flowers, shrubs, vegetable plants, trees and vines.


The best part about this product is it’s all natural. The product’s active ingredients are Garlic 3%, Potassium Sorbate 0.4% and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 0.2%. It won’t harm your plants or pets.

With the help of these gadgets, you should have a pest-free summer this year. You might want to combine a few different methods to get the best results.

Do you have a pest problem in your yard? Have you tried some of these solutions? Please tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

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