If you’ve ever ordered anything from Amazon.com before, then you know that it arrives in a box full of wasteful dunnage (bubble wrap, styrofoam, paper, etc.). How does Amazon.com pack and ship your order when you buy a roll of bubble wrap from them? With more bubble wrap of course!

Bubble Wrap Wrapped In More Bubble Wrap

Reddit user drdoctorphd ordered a roll of bubble wrap from Amazon and invited the Reddit community to comment on how it was shipped it to him.

What Happens When You Buy Bubble Wrap Amazon.com?
Bought some bubble wrap on Amazon. This is how they shipped it…

Why Does Amazon Wrap Bubble Wrap In Bubble Wrap?

So what was the reason for wrapping the bubble wrap with more bubble wrap? Fellow Reddit user Dr_Dunk says that if the shipping box isn’t full, then it “won’t run through tape machines” properly. I guess it makes sense but still sounds very wasteful. BTW Amazon isn’t alone here. Apple has a similar shipping strategy. What do you think? Wasteful or necessary? Please post a comment below.

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