3 Tools to Find the Exact Latitude and Longitude of Your House

Latitude & Longitude Tools

Ever wanted to know the latitude and longitude of your house? These services will give it to you down to the last decimal point! But if it’s that easy for you to get this info, what about other people? Let’s hope your enemies don’t have GPS enabled Smart Bombs.

01) My NASA Data

NASA? That’s right, America’s space program has a NASA latitude and longitude finder hidden away on their website. Just type in your city and state and the system will display the latitude and longitude for your city’s center. To get a specific location in your city (like your house) from the NASA Latitude and Longitude Finder, just move your mouse around the map and “Mouse Over” boxes will update with more specific location info.

NASA Latitude and Longitude Finder
Hoboken, NJ

02) My Geo Position

If you’re looking for a little more than just latitude and longitude info, then you’ll love MyGeoPosition.com. In addition to providing basic latitude and longitude info, MyGeoPosition.com also display everything from elevation, postal code, street address, HTML Geo-Metatags, Google Earth KML bookmarks, GPX locations for GPS devices and links to popular online mapping services like Google Maps, Bing Maps and Yahoo Maps.

UK Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street

03) EarthTools

Wondering what time it is in Baghdad? Are they observing daytime savings? When is sunrise/sunset? EarthTools.org allows you to explore the map and displays latitude, longitude and relevant times for that specific location.

Baghdad, Iraq

Do you know of more tools or better ways to find your latitude and longitude? What about apps? Please leave a comment below.