This San Francisco Poop Heatmap Helps Pedestrians Avoid Certain Sidewalks

If you’ve ever been to a big city like New York or Paris, then you’ve probably learned to watch your step. Between irresponsible dog owners and the homeless, it’s difficult to walk down a single block without avoiding a public sidewalk poop. But San Francisco is by far one of the poppiest cities on Earth.

San Francisco Poop Heatmap

To help bring attention to San Francisco’s shitty situation, Jennifer Wong, (@mybluewristband), a civil-engineer-turned-web-developer, created an interactive map, called Human Wasteland, that plots the locations of sidewalk poop reports to San Francisco’s city hotline, 311.

So what’s the shittiest part of San Francisco? According to the map, a corner in the financial district frequented by the city’s homeless population.

San Francisco's Human Wasteland

Enabling The Homeless

As a city, San Francisco is in a difficult situation. The city enables homelessness. The city spends about $27,000 in services for each of its 6,000 homeless residents. San Francisco’s homeless are well dressed (did that guy with brand new Nike sneakers just ask me for $10?!), feed and even have medical care. But if the city wants to enable homelessness, then it clearly needs to build more public bathrooms. Watch your step!

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