VIDEO: What the Internet Looked Like in 1996

This 1996 instructional video called “Learn PC: The Power to Perform” was digitized from a VHS video tape by YouTube user OldUncleGuy. It’s extremely corny, but at the same time provides a fascinating look at how the average person was introduced to the concept of the Internet and the World Wide Web decades ago. In comparison, the average 5-year-old could teach most of these basic concepts.

The host of the video talks about a variety of new technologies and software like Netscape, modems, and web browsers.

To help put this video into comparison, there’s an infamous video clip from 1994 where the hosts from the popular American morning TV show, the TODAY Showtry to figure out what an email address is.

What year did you first start using the Internet? Have you ever used a modem before? Please tell us in the comments below.