Two of the Luckiest HALO Kills of All Time

Lucky HALO Kills

This video clip from the Microsoft Xbox game, Halo, is probably the luckiest kill in the history of gaming. The bullet ricochets 3 times before killing the opponent with a perfect headshot. Lawrence 1, the Halo 3 player in the video, didn’t realize he had accomplished this impossible shot until reviewing the footage later in the game’s “theatre mode.” We’re not the only ones impressed. The video has 1.8M views so far. Not bad considering Halo 3 was originally was released back in 2007.

As impressive as Lawrence 1’s lucky headshot was, he’s not alone. Crazy Halo sniper rifle ricochets have blessed the Internet with several seemingly impossible kill scenes. Here’s another one of our favorites. This one is a double kill from Halo 4 by Jimmy Boswell. Too bad it wasn’t a double kill, double headshot.

Via Lawrencce 1 & Jimmy Boswell