Wilco Surprises the Internet with Free Star Wars Album Download

There’s a free Star Wars download on the Internet that everyone’s talking about and it has nothing to do with Yoda, Darth Vader, or popular film franchise.

Alt-rock/alt-country band, Wilco, shocked the Internet when they released an unannounced new album last night called Star Wars. What’s even more shocking (besides the creepy cat on the cover) is the album is free.

You can download the 11-track album right now for from wilcoworld.net just by signing up for their mailing list.

The Chicago-based band joins the list of only a few major artists, including NIN and Radiohead, that have delighted their fans with free album downloads.

Star Wars will be a welcome surprise to Wilco fans anxious to hear some new material. Their last studio album, The Whole Love, was released back in 2011.

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