5 Tactics to Help Make Your Holiday Office Party Amazeballs

Are you in charge of your company’s holiday party? If you’ve never done it before, it’s a lot more pressure than you might think. Screw it up, and you’ll have to endure the criticism of your coworkers and boss for the rest of the year. And possibly years to come.

Barring any scandalous disasters, the following tactics will help make sure that your office party is remembered in a positive way. And because this is an “office party,” we left out things like strippers, drugs and zoo animals. But feel free to suggest additional party ideas in the comments.

01) Planned Photo Opportunity

Every great office party must have a “photo opp.” This single moment will be what most people share on social media and how your party will be remembered for years to come. The planned photo opportunity can be anything from a staged picture with the company mascot to dressed up member(s) of the executive team. Bonus points if you convince the CEO to dress up! Also, don’t forget to have a table full of goofy photo props. Basically, just try to have something planned that make everyone want to get their picture taken and post on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to have some company branding or logos in the background!!!



Here are some fun costume and prop ideas:

Photo Booth Props

02) Party Lighting

There’s nothing worse than partying the night away under fluorescent office lights. Turn off the office lights and set the mood with some fun lighting.

minted methodshop

Extra bonus if you get lights that automatically react to sound. It will help get people in the mood to dance.

03) Raffle Table

Another great idea to help get people engaged at your office party is to organize a prize raffle. Set up a large table, like a table in a nearby conference room, with a nice display of prizes. Vary the value from high-end items like a tablet, Roku or a Roku Ultra, to gag gifts like a can of Spam or a toilet brush. Print out numbered cards and place the cards next to each raffle item with an empty bowl. As soon as your guests arrive, hand them each 1 raffle ticket. They then get one opportunity to put their raffle ticket in a bowl next to the prize that they want. More desirable prizes will obviously get more tickets and decrease the odds of winning. Then towards the end of the party, have the CEO pull winning tickets from the bowls and announce the winners.

Presenting the Unicorn Meat


Here are some prize item ideas ranging from Spam and gag gifts to some nicer electronics.

04) Signage

Signs? How are they amazeballs? Your party signs can be both informative as well as entertaining. Does your office party have a #hashtag? Foursquare special? Prize raffle? Coat check? Use fun signs to encourage your attendees to take actions, share photos on social media photos, enter contests or find the bathroom without asking for help.

Put signs in high traffic areas like food tables, inside bathroom stalls or by the coat check.

05) Party Accessories

Even simple things like fake mustaches, antlers, and Santa hats can be tons of fun at a party and help everyone get in the right mood. If you have kids attending the office party, try to have some fun items for them like light rings.

Some of our marketing team

Planning A Great Holiday Office Party

With some careful planning and extra organization, it’s not impossible to create a memorable office party that will not only be fun but will help win praise from your boss and coworkers. Good luck!

Photos via Red Touch Media & Pixabay