Even with tireless preparation, every filmmaker ends up leaving some footage on the cutting room floor. The Star Wars saga included. Even the most diehard fan will probably be surprised to learn how many deleted Star Wars scenes director George Lucas initially intended to include in his space epic, but didn’t.

Deleted Star War Scenes

Here’s a list of 10 Star Wars scenes that you’ve probably never seen. For your convenience, use the time marker links to skip around between scenes:

  1. Greedo Never Learns | 0:32
  2. A Proud Smuggler | 1:03
  3. Tosche Station | 1:30
  4. Wampa Troubles | 1:59
  5. Seeds Of The Rebellion | 2:32
  6. Endor’s Fate | 3:02
  7. Luke’s New Lightsaber | 3:32
  8. C-3PO Saves The Day | 3:59
  9. You Only Die Twice | 4:33
  10. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner | 5:02

Too bas there isn’t any extra sexy Princess Leia footage. Did we miss any of your favorite deleted Star Wars scenes? Please leave a comment below.

Via Screen Rant