Smart Thief Steals 42 Inch TV With Style

LG Smart Thief Caught on Camera

A stylish “smart thief” walked out of an electronics store with a 42″ superthin flat screen TV… backwards.

The store’s CCTV security cameras captured the entire act. As you can see in the video, the thief grabs a LG flat screen TV and then casually walks out of the store backwards while looking directly at the security camera. The TV is so thin, you can barely notice that he’s holding it until the very end.

Once outside, the thief takes off running down the sidewalk. The store manager then follows him in pursuit.

Clever. Stylish. There are plenty of ways to describe this video. But the word you might not immediately think is… advertisement. This was a viral video for LG. If you look closely, you’ll see a sign in the store window for the TV he stole, the superthin LG OLED TV. The video titledĀ “Smart Thief” was created by Y&R Amsterdam to emphasise the value proposition of the product: this TV is so thin you can walk out of a store with it and no one will notice.