Gambling is one of the biggest industries in the world and is only getting bigger. Forecasted to reach 511 billion dollars by 2019, online gambling has been one of the strongest growth areas for the gambling industry. Gamblers are embracing online casinos and profits are surging, even at the local levels. In New Jersey alone, online gambling grew by 32% in 2016.

Global gambling market gross gaming yield (GGY) from 2010 to 2019 (in billion U.S. dollars)
Global gambling market gross gaming yield (GGY) from 2010 to 2019 (in billion U.S. dollars). Source: Statista

Why are online casinos suddenly doing so well? They have plenty of aces up their sleeves. Here are some of the most effective ways online casinos of bringing in more clients and improving their customer retention.

01) Social Media Engagement

The main advantage of running an online casino is that you can interact directly with your customers. People are always just one click away from the latest offers, deals and special bonuses. That’s why casinos try to use social media as a springboard to new clients and as a tool for keeping existing members happy. Casino players are more likely to respond to a promotion advertised over Facebook than a newsletter. Social media is also a more reliable tool for getting valuable feedback.

Online casinos such as Ikibu, Heroes, and Kaboo have managed to close the gap separating them from bigger casinos with a flawless track record. They invite players to embark on an epic quest and be a part of an online adventure, rather than a gambling routine. They created fictional universes, original characters, and stories that make players feel like they are part of something meaningful. Others focus on specific demographics, which promotes offers for ladies among others.

02) Great Bonus Offers & Features

The oldest marketing trick in the book is to offer irresistible bonuses to existing members and generous welcome packages to prospective customers. Virtually all online casinos now offer stuff for free, but some go above and beyond and promote something truly unique. They advertise these promotions over social media and try to make the necessary adjustments requested by their players.

PlayOJO, for example, paid attention to one of the most common requests made by players. People don’t like the idea of being subject to extensive wagering requirements on their bonus offers. This casino offers a unique bonus system and waives the excessive playthrough demands. Their players also have unrestricted access to unique in-gaming mechanics like to OJOplus money back and OJO wheel.

03) Sports Sponsorships

Although commonplace in most of Europe, until recently, tough gambling laws have kept online sports betting companies out of the United States. As regulations relax, savvy online casinos are spending big money on sporting event sponsorships. Promoting an online casino at sporting events has proven to be a very effective, albeit expensive way, of gaining clients. But it works. Online casinos have a keen eye for techniques that actually work and that’s why they spend a lot of money on sports sponsorships. Not only sports benefit from this type of funding, but also arts, festivals, entertainment, annual events, and fairs.

04) Humor Marketing

People play online casino games to win cash, but also to have some fun from the comfort of their home. Intelligent gambling operators have picked up on the vibes and use humor as an effective tool to gain their business. Some rely on witty Facebook and social media promotions to drive traffic, others work directly with well-known comedians. The BetVictor campaign with Paul Kaye, for example, did a brilliant job at raising awareness about the quality of odds. Other online casinos are following suit and work with famous TV presenters and comedians to promote their products.

Learning Some Tricks From Online Casinos

Running a successful online casino isn’t easy. In addition to competing with nearby physical locations, they also often compete against other digital casinos around the world. Comparatively, the pain points online casinos struggle with isn’t much different than most retailers. walmart" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy all compete with each other as well as But a strategic focus on both gaining new customers while improving customer retention can give you the edge you need against your competition.