It’s astonishing to think, but education technology has evolved dramatically since the year 2000. Back when I went to grade school in the 1990s, “learning” consisted of lectures and writing on a blackboard with chalk. Sure we had a few computers at school. We had about 12 of them in a computer lab for 1,000 students to share and all write papers. But these computers all had at least one game on them, Oregon Trail. Thanks to that game, I learned what dysentery was.

Everyone’s a Gamer Now

Between the 1970s and 1990s, arcades were common places for kids to go play video games like Atari Breakout. Back then being a gamer was nerdy. But these days, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket full of gaming apps. 9 out of 10 kids between the ages of 2-17 play electronic games. Yes, even toddlers are gamers now.

And educational game-learning has come a long way since the 1990s. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about World of Warcraft, Halo or Angry Birds. Instead think of educational games which make the student think, pay attention and engage in the classroom. It can be simple as a game for toddlers showing them how to care for pets, to an action-based game teaching students how to fight pollution. Educational games have come a long way since the Oregon Trail.

Why Game Learning Is Awesome

Here’s how and why gaming goes hand-in-hand with learning. Gaming stimulates the brain to produce dopamine. In return, the dopamine captures the kids’ attention and creates connections between neurons. These connections are the basis of learning. In other words, gaming stimulates the brain and makes learning easier. Game-based learning is also hands-on, active and stimulating. The complete opposite of the lecture-based learning of decades past.

How Can Games Help In Education?

This infographic is full of great stats and useful information on game learning. Definitely helpful if you’re interested in learning more about game-based learning or how gaming can assist in the education process.

How Games Can Help In The Education Process
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