The Ultimate Onslaught 2 Combos List For Hardcore Players

Take Your Onslaught 2 Games To The Next Level

Onslaught Combos List

If you haven’t played the browser game Onslaught 2 yet from Playr, then do yourself a favor and give it a try. We have both the regular version of Onslaught 2 and a hacked version of Onslaught 2 with unlimited money here on MethodShop. Onslaught 2 is fun and exciting for every level of gamer. But once you discover an Onslaught 2 combos list, it takes things to a whole other level. By building certain gun turrets next to each other, they can produce special attacks like shockwave blasts, landmines, and napalm rockets.

Onslaught 2 Combos List

There are 3 things you must do to trigger a combo attack: proximity, max damage upgrades, and planning which turret fires first.

  1. Proximity: Onslaught combo attacks are triggered by placing certain gun turrets directly next to each other. Select a turret with your mouse and then press C on your keyboard to illuminate nearby turrets that qualify for a combo attack.
  2. First Fire: Another important factor with Onslaught combos is which turret fires first. Keep in mind, you should increase the range of a turret if you want it to fire before the others in the cluster.
  3. Max Damage: Upgrade your gun turrets to max damage.

Red Turret Combos

A red turret must be the first to fire:

  • RED + GREEN = Laser Rockets
  • RED + YELLOW = Tazer Rockets
  • RED + GREEN + BLUE = Poison Gas Rockets
  • RED + BLUE + BLUE = Nuke
  • RED + RED + BLUE + YELLOW = Napalm Rocket

Green Turret Combos

A green turret must be the first to fire:

  • GREEN + RED + RED + BLUE = Rocket BFG

Blue Turret Combos

A blue turret must be the first to fire:

  • BLUEBLUE = Land Mine
  • BLUE + RED = Cluster bomb
  • BLUE + REDYELLOW = Sparky Cluster bomb
  • BLUE + BLUE + RED = Big Landmine
  • BLUE + BLUEYELLOW = Sparky Landmine
  • BLUE + RED + RED = Big Cluster Bomb
  • BLUE + GREEN + RED = Laser Cluster Bomb
  • BLUE + GREEN + RED + RED = Big Laser Cluster Bomb
  • BLUE + BLUE + RED + RED = Big Cluster Bomb Landmine
  • BLUE + BLUE + GREEN + RED + RED = Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine

Yellow Turret Combos

Where a yellow turret is the first to fire: