It looks like the iPod era is slowing coming to a close. Apple has pulled the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano devices off of store shelves. The now-discontinued music players were the last iPod models not capable of running Apple’s iOS (the same operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad). RIP iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

iPod Shuffle Memories

On a personal note, I loved my iPod Shuffle. I had the 1G version skinny white version that looked like a pack of gum. I always took it with me when traveling and used it as a backup music player. Unfortunately, I guess I overcharged it and my iPod Shuffle fried itself.

ipod shuffle fried

What’s Next For The iPod Touch?

The iPod Touch survives… for now. Two models of the iPod Touch – basically an iPhone minus cell phone capabilities – will remain on the market. In a price reduction, the iPod Touch 32GB version will cost $199. The iPod Touch 128GB version will sell for $299. So buy them while you can.

iPod Touch

A Tearful Goodbye: RIP iPod Shuffle & iPod Nano