Roku is the most popular Connected TV streaming device and it isn’t ceding any ground to its competitors. A new study from Parks Associates shows Roku market share growing and solidifying its lead over Apple, Google and Amazon.

Roku Market Share Is Still Growing

According to a Q1 2017 industry report from market intelligence firm Parks Associates, Roku devices accounted for 37% of all U.S. streaming devices. That’s up 7% from Q1 2016 when Roku was at 30%. Second place goes to Amazon Fire TV at (24%) which is up from 16% last year; Google Chromecast is at third with 18%; and Apple TV sits at 15%, which is actually lower than last year. Parks Associates attributes the drop to Apple TV’s high price point. You can read the full report at

Supporting the Parks Associates report, eMarketer also says that Roku is the top Connected TV device. According to eMarketer’s July 2017 report, there are 38.9 million Roku devices in the United States.

eMarketer estimates that 38.9 million Americans will use a Roku device at least once a month, up 19.3% vs. 2016. As a result, the device will capture 23.1% of all connected TV users.

Roku is the Top Streaming Device in the U.S. (2017)

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