Using your phone while doing anything else that requires your eyes is very dangerous. At best, you’re super annoying and bumping into things. At the worst, you’ll end up falling down a manhole, swimming in a sewer, walking into a bear or causing others serious harm.

Texting And Walking

It’s surprising how quickly we as a society became so completely addicted to our smartphones. 85% of the global population keep our smartphones in direct reach, even at night. So we can’t sleep without our phones. Can we walk without them? Nope. then People just can’t seem to walk down a street without doing something with their mobile device. According to researchers, millennials are most likely to be injured in distracted walking incidents. While women 55+ are most likely to suffer serious injuries from texting and walking.

Texting And Driving

If we can’t text and walk at the same time, then how can we possible text and drive? That’s the premise of this excellent #ItCanWait TV commercial.

It Can Always Wait

Bottom Line: Put your phone down. That text that just says “LOL” or those virtual points from playing Pokémon Go aren’t worth your life of someone else’s. Walking or driving, doesn’t matter. It can definitely wait. Be safe out there.