4 Reasons Why You Need CLEAR

Here's how a software security company called CLEAR is using biometric technology to get you through security lines in 5 minutes or less.

Hate long airport security lines? Who doesn’t? But a security company called Clear has a solution that can reduce security line wait times to 5 minutes or less. How? Their biometric technology can quickly identify known passengers and give you ahead-of-line privileges. CLEAR was named one of Fast Company’s top 10 innovative companies in 2018 for pioneering the biometrics business. Here are all of the reasons why you need CLEAR in your life.

01) Clear Is Fast

In many airports across the United States, there are now three lines: Clear, T.S.A. PreCheck and general security. Clear members just walk up to a security kiosk for either a fingerprint or an iris eye scan. And in a matter of seconds, you are on your way. Seriously, you’ll speed through security in the blink of an eye.

I’ve been a Clear member for several months already. What makes CLEAR so awesome is it usually takes me just a minute or two to walk from the security gate entrance at the airport to the metal detector. You just walk down the CLEAR lane to a CLEAR employee, scan your fingerprints and then they escort you past the ID and ticket checkpoint. Bam! You’re at the metal detector before someone in the regular security line has even moved 3 feet in line.

02) TSA PreCheck Lines Aren’t Short Anymore

Several years ago, no one else had T.S.A. PreCheck and it was easy to breeze through airport security. Not anymore. As the T.S.A. has expanded its PreCheck interview locations, more people have signed up and the lines have gotten much longer. Over 15 million people are enrolled in T.S.A. PreCheck either directly or via an affiliated U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that automatically includes PreCheck such as Global Entry, NEXUS, and Sentri. Clear on the other hand currently has under 2 million members.

03) Frequent Holiday Travel

My wife and I don’t live near our families anymore. We live a 4+ hour flight away. So between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we’re flying during the airline industry’s busiest time of the year. An estimated 30 million Americans travel between Thanksgiving and the New Year. An increase in travelers during this time means longer security lines. That’s where the CLEAR family plan saves us. I added my wife to my account for only $50 and my daughter is under 18 so she’s free.

04) Airport Locations

CLEAR currently has express line locations at the following United States airports but is constantly expanding to new locations:

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  1. ATL Atlanta, GA
  2. AUS Austin, TX
  3. BWI Baltimore, MD
  4. DFW Dallas, TX
  5. DAL Dallas, TX
  6. DEN Denver, CO
  7. DTW Detroit, MI
  8. IAH Houston, TX
  9. HOU Houston, TX
  10. LAS Las Vegas, NV
  11. LAX Los Angeles, CA
  12. MIA Miami, FL
  13. MSP Minneapolis, MN
  14. HPN New York, NY
  15. LGA New York, NY
  16. JFK New York, NY
  17. MCO Orlando, FL
  18. SLC Salt Lake City, UT
  19. SAT San Antonio, TX
  20. SFO San Francisco, CA
  21. SJC San Jose, CA
  22. SEA Seattle, WA
  23. IAD Washington D.C.
  24. DCA Washington D.C.

04) Beyond Airports

Clear is growing beyond just airports. You can now find Clear security checkpoints in several major stadiums including Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, and Coors Field.

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How Much Is Clear?

We have a special offer for MethodShop readers. Just sign up using this link (CLEAR) and you get 2 months of Clear for free. Cancel if you aren’t satisfied. Annual membership is $179. Add additional family members for $50 each. Children under 18 are free when traveling with a Clear member.