Are you thinking about upgrading your house with smart home devices? From smart locks to slow cookers, the list of smart home compatible products continues to grow every day. And the prices of smart home devices have dropped to levels almost equal to their unconnected counterparts. Here are some great features and very compelling reasons to upgrade your house into a smart home.

01) Smart Home Apps: Convenience

One of my favorite things about having a smart home is never having to worry about locking my doors. One of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced is being on vacation and wondering the entire time if I forgot to lock the front door. It turns out I did forget one time. I was in France for 2 weeks and the entire time my front door was completely unlocked. Luckily nothing happened. But now that I have a smart home, I can just connect to my home using an app from anywhere, even a beach. Using an app I lock doors, alarm the house, turn on/off the thermostat, oven, lights, vacuum cleaner and much more.

Smartphone Beach
A woman controlling her smart home using a smartphone on the beach (stux)

02) Climate Control: Cost Savings

Unnecessarily heating or cooling your home while you aren’t home can be a massive waste of money. But sometimes we forget and leave our thermostats on when we don’t need to. Getting a smart home thermostat will help you save money by allowing you to change temperatures remotely via an app. Also, many smart home thermostats will automatically modify temperatures based on your activity to help reduce energy. For example, reducing heat during sleeping hours.

Smart Home Climate Control Apps
Using smart home apps to modify climate control (Pixaline, Tumisu)

03) Smart Locks: Security

Have you ever lost your keys before? Most of us have and it’s not fun. But what if you could never lose your keys because you don’t have any? Smart door locks allow you to open your door without a physical key and track who and when someone opens your door. It’s an incredibly convenient solution for Airbnb hosts, large families and anyone who wants to give someone temporary access to your home.

With smart locks, you never worry about who has keys to your home again. Switching cleaning services? Breaking up with someone? Firing your dog walker? No problem. Just change or delete their access code.

Smart Home Lock
A smart home lock with a personalized welcome message (Maurizio Pesce)

Smart locks have a variety of features and options. Some advanced smart locks use fingerprints to identify the owners. Others use apps, Bluetooth or just a numeric combo. Select a smart lock that fits your individual needs and budget.

04) Controlling Lights: Security & Cost Savings

What if the lights in your home automatically turned themselves on and off? You can use the motion sensors in your smart home to do more than activate an alarm when your system is armed.

Lights being controlled from a smart home app.
Lights being controlled by a smart home app (Geralt)

The motion sensors in your home can turn on and off lights based on room activity. Imagine walking into your home with your arms full of groceries and the lights automatically turn on for you. Or as a parent, one of my biggest frustrations was my kids leaving lights on in my house. Connecting light switches in your home to your smart system will save you money and improve your quality of life at the same time.

05) Smart Home Appliances: Convenience

Manufacturers continue to release new products that can be controlled by smart home systems. Everything from ovens to WiFi vacuum cleaners can now be compatible with smart homes. Just use an app or schedule your robotic vacuum cleaner to clean while you’re at work or away from the house. Did you leave the oven on, your garage door open or slow cooker on? Just log in and turn on and off appliances in your connected home as needed.

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