Sadly, 70% of all organizations experience at least one project failure each year. Why? Bad project management, support, and planning. As a result, about $109 million is wasted for every 1 billion invested. But once you identify the symptoms, it’s a lot easier to cure a sick project.

The Cure For Project Failure

This infographic, The Cure For Project Failure, provides some helpful tips on how to properly plan your project before it starts and what to watch out for during the life of the project. Are all 4 of these cures part of your project pre-planning process?

  1. Recruit Active Project Sponsors
  2. Align Project Goals With Business Objectives
  3. Break Large Projects Into Smaller Related Projects
  4. Invest In Project Managers
The Cure for Project Failure - by Wrike project management tools
Infographic via Wrike project management dashboard software

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