The Growth of Mobile Gaming: How Mobile Overtook PCs & Consoles

The Growth of Mobile Gaming

Without even consciously realizing it, you could likely call yourself a gamer. Think about it. How many games have you installed on your smartphone over the years? From Candy Crush to Pokémon GO, from Flappy Bird to Angry Birds, mobile gaming titles have risen to become monumental releases that are loved by the world over.

Gaming Trends: Mobile vs Consoles & PCs

The gaming infographic showcases some incredible statistics about mobile gaming’s continued growth over the past several years. For example, 180 million people use their smartphones for gaming. Only 50 million people use PCs and consoles for gaming. And did you know that 152,180 new titles were released for mobile in 2017 alone? This exceeds the number of PC and console titles by over 150,000!

PC gaming is often suspected to be the highest-grossing platform. However, it was actually overtaken by mobile gaming back in 2014. And it continues to grow, raking in a staggering $50 billion by the end of 2017. It’s certainly an industry with massive potential, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Infographic: Mobile Gaming Growth

Infographic: The Growth of Mobile Gaming

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