Today, Twitter is a vibrant and active community. But a decade ago, there were a lot fewer users and features. The most popular accounts were tech personalities and things like emojis, hashtags, likes and even retweets didn’t exist yet. Your old Twitter timeline will probably be full of some hidden gems. Expect to see low engagement, off-color posts from celebrities and some other surprises.

Your Twitter Timeline Circa 2008

It’s easy to browse your old Twitter timeline. You just have to write a custom search string. For your convenience, here are some prewritten links that will take you back in time to your Twitter timeline circa 2008.

What Did You Find In Your Old Twitter Timeline?

Browsing old tweets is definitely an interesting experience. Chances are you found some of the following…

Popular Accounts With Limited Engagement

Popular Twitter users who easily get thousands of likes and retweets today, only have a few on their old tweets. Those features didn’t exist back then so the only likes and retweets you see are from people browsing old tweets.

Experimental Tweets

Another thing you’ll probably see when browsing old tweets is “experimental” posts. In other words, things you normally wouldn’t see someone tweet today. For example, James Gunn, the incredible director behind popular films like Guardians Of The Galaxy, is very open about some of the crazy stuff he tweeted while trying to figure Twitter out. Gunn wrote a blog post in 2009 talking about his first year of tweets. There are some classics in there like “I burnt my tongue on an enchilada. Fucking Mexicans!” and “These pants make me look like I have a vagina.” Back in 2008, Twitter was a much looser and less mainstream platform. You’re unlikely to find tweets like these in most celebrity Twitter feeds today.

"I burnt my tongue on an enchilada. Fucking Mexicans!"
“I burnt my tongue on an enchilada. Fucking Mexicans!” @JamesGunn, June 30, 2008

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How To Clean Up Your Twitter History

Do you think you might have some embarrassing posts in your Twitter history? If so, you should probably clean it up before it impacts your personal life, costs you a future job opportunity or gets you fired. Here’s how to clean up your Twitter history.

NERD NOTE: Twitter didn’t solidify itself as a major household name until after Barack Obama was elected president. Part of his victory was credited to the Obama campaign’s social media strategy. Obama was the most popular Twitter account at the time. On election day 2008, Obama had 112,000 followers. John McCain only had 4,000.

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