In two years revenues from mobile apps are forecast to reach just under $190 billion dollars. So it’s safe to say that mobile apps are incredibly popular and intensely lucrative for producers. That said, picking a new app to download can be a tedious exploit, there’s just too many. It’s like picking something to watch on Netflix, you’ll never make the right choice. So let us help you. From epic adventures and bingo to zombies and cooking, here are some great apps to help spice up your summer.

01) Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn has been described as the mobile version of The Legend of Zelda encapsulating the famous scenery and vibe of the original game. Your character wakes up one morning to discover that his father has disappeared, and the only thing helping you are two measly clues.

You’ll have to battle through the Unchartered Islands in search of your father confronting monsters, villains, puzzles, and mysteries. At the time of writing, Oceanhorn is free to download for Android and allows users to play the first chapter, with an option to buy the game in order to continue.

Just like The Legend of Zelda, there is a huge world to explore and you won’t be completing Oceanhorn in a couple of days. You’ll be glued to your phone for weeks as you aim to reunite your character with his Father in this magical world.

Download Links: Oceanhorn (iOS)Oceanhorn (Android)

02) Wink Bingo

The popularity of online bingo and slots in the UK is growing and growing, with millions of users, logging-on to have a flutter. The Wink Bingo app has revolutionized how to play mobile bingo Both the graphics and gameplay make the game tons of fun.

Wink Bingo

Free games are available to allow new players to download and try before wagering any money. As well as a plethora of bingo games there are plenty of slots on offer too.

Download Links: Wink Bingo (iOS); Wink Bingo (Android)

03) Soccer Physics

Football games don’t tend to transfer well to mobile apps, as the processing power of tablets and phones doesn’t match up to those of the major consoles. Soccer Physics doesn’t make the classic mistake of trying to recreate FIFA, Pro Evo or Football Manager, it just goes for its own unique vibe.

In single-player or two-player mode, you defend and try to score with two balance challenged footballers that react to your every tap. At times it seems like gravity and a host of other forces are against you as you frantically try to get your player to stand up long enough to score a goal.

You don’t even have to be a football fan as the basic premise of this game is playing with characters that don’t conform to the normal laws of physics. Play with a friend and you’ll be guaranteed to howl with laughter.

Download Links: Soccer Physics (iOS)Soccer Physics (Android)

04) Kitchen Stories

Whether you’re Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen or Gordon the Gopher, you’ll find easy how-to recipe guides in the Kitchen Stories app. HD videos made by cooking experts and app contributors show you a variety of different recipes, ranging from 20-minute meals to all-time classics.

There’s also a practical measurement converter to help you with confusing ingredients instructions, a place to store your favorite recipes and an automatically generated shopping list so you can plan your upcoming meals.

Download Links: Kitchen Stories (iOS); Kitchen Stories (Android)

05) My Fitness Pal

The My Fitness Pal app is an absolute must for anyone wanting to lose some weight, pack on some muscles or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you download the app you’ll be prompted to put in your height, weight and age and your fitness goal.

After that, you can monitor everything you eat in minute detail, either adding foods manually or using the barcode scanner to quickly add foods into your diet plan. If you’re trying to bulk up you can monitor the grams of protein in your diet and analyze what you need to swap out to achieve your goal.

If you’ve had a heavy session in the gym you can also add your exercises so the app can update your new calorie need. But don’t forget, just downloading this app won’t make you healthy, you’ll have to put in the hard work too.

Download Links: My Fitness Pal (iOS)

06) Motorsport Manager

There’s something that you’ll never really get from a console Formula 1 game, and that’s the level of detail involved in the sport. The Motorsport Manager game gives you that in absolute buckets and provides the type of detail you wouldn’t expect from a mobile app.

You can make your own racing team and define their destiny by researching and developing new cars, hiring and firing engineers and drivers alike and taking complete control of your team’s racing strategies to drive you on to victory.

Download Links: Motorsport Manager (Android)

07) Into the Dead 2: Divided

The sequel to the best-selling zombie game Into the Dead which had over 70 million downloads worldwide does not disappoint. If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead then get this.

Yes, there is an official Walking Dead mobile game. But Into the Dead 2 has some of the most impressive graphics of any app available on the market. The aim of the game is simple, get as many weapons as you can and do your best to survive the zombie apocalypse.

The story arc is constantly changing and offers gamers multiple endings amongst the 7 brilliant game chapters. Into the Dead 2 would not look out of place on Sony PlayStation or Xbox, so don’t miss out, download it now!

Download Links: Into the Dead 2 (iOS)Into the Dead 2 (Android)

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