Is your company still trying to “wing it” when it comes to managing big projects? The days of managing projects via spreadsheets are over for most companies. According to Information Week, 87% of high-performing companies use a professional project management tool to increase workplace efficiency and cultivate successful teams.

What Most Successful Teams Have In Common

But why should you even bother using a project management platform? What are the key benefits? And what types of teams would benefit from project management software? The infographic “How & Why Successful Teams Use Project Management Software” is full of some great insights including:

  • 94% of companies agree that project management software promotes business growth
  • File sharing, time tracking, email integration, and Gantt charts are the (4) most popular features used in project management software
  • “Support” and “Functionality” are the (2) most important factors when it comes to choosing a project management platform
  • 55% of teams try (2) project management platforms before making a final decision
How Successful Teams Use Project Management Software
Infographic via Wrike cheap project management software.

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