One of the most important parts of any modern marketing strategy is content marketing. Creating relevant content for your target audiences helps boost engagement and better qualify a sales lead. But who creates that content? And what tools should they use? This infographic outlines the various elements of a “content marketing engine“. Engine elements include the creation of the engine, resources, process and finally how everything works together to help drive results.

10 Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Engine
Infographic via Wrike project management software.

Content Marketing Engine: 10 Elements

  1. Executive Buy-In
  2. Strategic Content
  3. A Content Hub
  4. Content Creators
  5. Designers & Content “Technicians”
  6. Social Media, Advertising, SEO & Marketing Automation Collection
  7. Workflows, Asset Management & Collaboration Tool
  8. Editorial Calendar
  9. Voice & Brand Guidelines
  10. Analytics

Does your company have a content marketing strategy? Is a content market engine part of that strategy? More importantly, what elements are successful parts of your strategy? Please leave a comment below or tweet us @methodshop.

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