This is What Happens When You Reply to Spam Email

Reply to Spam Email

Everyone hates spam email. These silly messages typically contain phishing attacks and investment scams. Typically we report spam or delete a fake email from a fake email sender. But what happens when you reply to spam email messages? That’s exactly what writer and comedian James Veitch does for fun. Follow along as he tells the hilarious story of how he kept a ridiculous exchange with an investment spammer going on for months. Veitch even got the spammer to use an absurd “candy” code.

What Happens When You Reply to Spam Email?

James Veitch’s “Dot Con”

If you enjoyed these exchanges, then check out James Veitch’s book titled Dot Con: The Art of Scamming a Scammer. The book is full of funny stories on how James Veitch played the scammers at their own game. Packed full of Nigerian scams, Russian brides and can’t miss gold and diamond investment opportunities, Veitch’s correspondence will keep you laughing with each reply.

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