YouTube To MP3
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YouTube has billions of video clips including songs, comedy acts, movies, TV shows, tutorials, cooking recipes, sports and more. But one of the social video site’s most popular types of content is music videos. When it comes to music videos, YouTube is to the Internet what MTV once was to cable TV. Although there are various ways to download YouTube videos, ripping audio from a YouTube video is a little harder. Here’s how to rip audio from YouTube videos and save it on your phone or computer.

YouTube To MP3 App: Audio Ripper Software

Your first step is to find a YouTube downloader or screen capture app with audio ripping capabilities. The formats in which these files can be ripped and saved include mp3, wma, wav etc. The app will basically record or capture videos from YouTube in high quality and let you save them locally on your device in different file formats. With a ripping app, you can easily create an mp3 file from any kind of video on YouTube including DIY clips, concerts, antique recordings, music videos, film dialogues, devotional songs and more.

Ripping Audio from a YouTube Video: How Does It Work?

Download and install your audio ripping software from internet and launch it on your Windows or Mac computer. Then follow the recording instructions. This will include adjusting the recording frame on your screen for video captures and enabling system sound but disabling your microphone to ensure no background noise is recorded.

When your screen recording is complete, you can choose the “save as” button to choose the desired file format of your ripped file, for example, mp3. Then you can save it and use it on any device like your computer, smartphone, iPhone, iPod etc.

Advantages Of Using Audio Ripper Software

  1. You can rip audio from files that cannot normally be downloaded. Also, YouTube often has exclusive versions not available online to download in audio format.
  2. There is no quality loss when you rip audio from a YouTube video. You can save the output file in high quality.
  3. You can save the output files in various popular formats such as mp3, wma, ac3, wav, etc.
  4. Many top-rated screen capture applications are available for free to download.

Ripping YouTube Audio

So this was everything you need to know about ripping audio out of a YouTube video. You can easily find a great audio ripper application online by checking the reviews, compatibility, features, and functionalities offered.