Glider PRO: How To Play The Classic Video Game Today

If you owned a Macintosh in the early 1990s, then you probably remember the classic video game called Glider PRO. Here’s how to play the Glider video game today.

If you owned a computer in the late 1980s and early 1990s, then you might remember a classic video game called Glider by John Calhoun. Glider puts you in the role of a paper airplane in its quest to find an open window and exit the house. First released in 1988, the computer game was praised by both fans and reviewers. Its non-violent gameplay was especially appealing at the time to many parents looking for alternatives for popular violent games like Castle Wolfenstein 3D.

Glider: Gameplay

Glider is basically an arcade-style puzzle game. In the game, you fly a paper plane (the Glider) in, around, over and even under a house trying to collect hidden magic stars. Throughout each room are a variety of interactive navigation aids such as ventilation ducts, fans, drafts, candle heat and wind that raise or lower the altitude of your glider. Passing through a room often requires turning light switches on or off, blowing out candles with fans, etc. Glider is a very inventive and fun game for all ages with great replay value.

How To Play Glider & Glider PRO Today

The Glider video game was a ton of fun to play in the 1980s and 1990s, and it still is today! That’s right, you can still play versions of Glider and Glider PRO on Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android and in your web browser. And the best part? Several versions of the Glider game are free.

The game publisher, Casady & Greene Inc., went bankrupt in 2003 and sailed off into computer game history. As a result, the rights to Glider reverted back to the original author, John Calhoun. Being the nice guy that he is, John decided to update Glider for newer computer operating systems and smartphones (thanks John!!).

So if you loved playing Glider all those years ago, or are looking for a fun game to play today, then get a copy of John Calhoun’s Glider. Here’s a serial number in case you need one: GL3-445-557-08100

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