20 Creative Shopping Bags That You Have To See

Not all shopping bags are created equal.

Creative Shopping Bags

After you buy something in a store, most cashiers will hand over your purchased items inside a boring beige, white or gray shopping bag. While cheaper to manufacture, plain bags are missed promotional opportunities. A shopping bag can be prime real-estate space for clever advertising messages. Here are some creative shopping bags (aka Bagvertising) that companies have used for promotion.

Creative Shopping Bags

1Blush Lingerie: X-Ray Bag

2Carlsberg Shumensko Beer: 20-Pack

3Condomi Adult Accessories Store

4Headhunting Agency

5YKM: Jump Rope

6Global Action in the Interest of Animals (GAIA): Plastic Bags Kill Animals

7The Edinburgh Dungeon: Sawney Bean, The Cannibal of Scotland

8Ann Summers: Kinky Whip

9Stop ‘N Grow: Nail Biter

10Panadol: Headache Bag


11Greenpeace: Give Me Your Hand

12Volkswagen: Golf GTI

13Red Cross: Volunteers Needed

14Fitness Company: Dumbell Bag

15Yulia Tymoshenko: Hair Braids

16Dubai Autism Center: Reach Out To Children With Autism

17ASPE Crime Stories: Gun Bag

19GNC: Burn 60 Bag

20Canon: EOS Digital Camera Photographer Bag