Known for his humorous acrobatic fighting style, Jackie Chan has worked on 200+ films during his career. Jackie got his start in the entertainment industry as a child actor and stuntman. But by the age of 15, he had his first writing credit. By 19, he got his first opportunity to be the Action Director. In the years that followed, not only was he acting, and doing stunt work but producing, writing, directing, choreographing fight scenes and even singing in many of his films. Here’s a chronological list of Jackie Chan movies.

How Jackie Chan Got His Nickname

In the list of films below, you will see Jackie credited with a variety of names. Jackie Chan’s real name is Chan Kong-Sang. Early in his career, Jackie experimented with several different movie credit names including Yuen Lau, Chen Yuan-Lung, Chen Lung and Chen Hsin. But it was in between acting jobs where he finally found a name he liked. After Bruce Lee‘s death in 1973, the booming Hong Kong film industry collapsed. Many actors, including Jackie, struggled to find film work and looked elsewhere. In the mid-1970s, Jackie briefly worked for a construction worker named Jack. On the construction site, the pair were nicknamed “Big Jack” and “Little Jack”. Jackie shortened the name Little Jack Chan to “Jackie Chan” and the name stuck with him the rest of his career.

Jackie Chan Filmography

YearTitle (English)RoleNotes
1962Big and Little Wong Tin BarActorCredited as Yuen Lau
1963The Love EterneActor
1963The Golden HairpinActor
1964The Story of Qin Xiang LinActor
1966The Eighteen Darts (Part 1)Actor
1966The Eighteen Darts (Part 2)Actor
1966Come Drink With MeActor
1969The Magnificent MonkWriterWriter (Debut)
1970Lady of SteelActor
1971The Blade Spares NoneActor
1971The Angry RiverActor
1971A Touch of ZenStuntman
1972Fist of FuryActor, StuntmanStuntman
1972HapkidoActor, Stuntman
1972The Brutal BoxerActor, Stuntman
1972Game of DeathActor
1972Stranger from Hong KongCameo
1973Enter the DragonActorFirst appearance in a Hollywood film
1973Facets of LoveActorCredited as Chen Yuan-lung
1973Not Scared to DieCameo
1973Police WomanActor, Stuntman, Action DirectorAction Directorial (Debut)
1973Kung Fu GirlStuntmanCredited as Chen Yuan-Lung
1973Little Tiger of CantonActor, Action Director
1973Freedom Strikes a BlowStuntman, Action Director, Extra (Uncredited)
1973AmbushStuntman, Extra (Uncredited)
1973The Awaken PunchStuntman, Extra (Uncredited)
1973Fist of UnicornStuntman, Extra (Uncredited)
1974Fist to FistStuntman, Extra (Uncredited)
1974The Golden LotusActorCredited as Chen Yuan-Lung
1974Supermen Against the OrientStunt Coordinator, Action Director, ExtraCredited as Chen Hsin
1974Village of TigersActor
1975All in the FamilyActor
1975No End of SurprisesActorCredited as Chen Yuan-Lung
1975The HimalayanActor
1975The Young DragonsAction Director
1976New Fist of FuryActor
1976Dance of DeathStuntman, Stunt Coordinator, Action DirectorCredited as Chen Yuan-Lung
1976Shaolin Wooden MenActor, Stunt Coordinator, Action Director
1976Hand of DeathActor
1976Killer MeteorsActor, Stunt Coordinator
1976The Private EyesStuntman
1977The 36 Crazy FistsCameo, Stunt Director, Action Director
1977To Kill with IntrigueActor, Stuntman, Action Director, Stunt CoordinatorCredited as Chen Yuan-Lung
1978Snake & Crane Arts of ShaolinActor, Stunt Coordinator, Action Director
1978Magnificent BodyguardsActor
1978Snake in the Eagle’s ShadowActor, Stunt coordinator, Martial Arts ChoreographerCredited as Cheng Lung
1978Drunken MasterActor
1978Spiritual Kung FuActor, Stunt Coordinator, Action DirectorCredited as Chen Yuan-Lung
1978Half a Loaf of Kung FuAction Director, Martial Arts Director, Stunt Coordinator
1978Two in Black BeltCameo
1979The Fearless HyenaActor, Director (Debut), Writer, Action DirectorJackie’s directorial debut
1979Dragon FistAction Director
1979Immortal WarriorsAction Director, Stunt Coordinator
1979Fists and GutsCameo
1979Master with Cracked FingersHimselfThis film was created from a mix of footage, primarily from the limited-release Little Tiger of Canton (1973).
1980The Young MasterActor, Director, Action Director
1980The Big BrawlActor, Action DirectorHollywood debut as a lead actor
1980Read LipsProducer
1981The Cannonball RunCameo
1981The Gold-HuntersProducer
1982Dragon LordActor, Director, Writer, Action Director
1983Fantasy Mission ForceActor
1983Fearless Hyena Part IIActorRecut film by Hong Kong film director Lo Wei using extra footage from the original The Fearless Hyena.
1983Winners and SinnersActor
1983Project ADirector, Writer, Action DirectorJackie got a skull fracture during a stunt and had emergency brain surgery.
1984Wheels on MealsActor, Action Director
1984Cannonball Run IIActor
1984Pom PomCameo
1985Police StoryActor, Director, Writer, Action Director
1985Heart of DragonActor
1985Ninja ThunderboltCameo
1985The ProtectorActor
1985My Lucky StarsActor
1985Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky StarsActor
1986Naughty BoysProducer, Cameo
1986Armour of GodActor, Director
1987Project A Part IIActor, Director, Writer, Action Director
1987That Enchanting NightProducer
1988Police Story 2Actor, Director, Writer
1988Dragons ForeverActor, Consultant
1988The Inspector Wears SkirtsProducer
1989MiraclesActor, Director, Writer, Action Director, Stunt Coordinator
1989The Inspector Wears Skirts IIProducer
1989I Am SorryPresenter
1990Island of FireActor
1990The Outlaw BrothersAction Director
1990Stage Door JohnnyProducer
1990Story of Kennedy TownProducer
1991A Kid from TibetCameo
1991Armour of God II: Operation CondorDirector, Writer, Producer, Action Director
1991Angry RangerProducer
1991Beauty and the BeastVoice Actor, SingerOnly in the Mandarin version of the film
1991Center StagePresenter
1992Police Story 3: Super CopActor
1992Twin DragonsActor, Action Director
1992The ShootoutProducer
1993Once a CopCameo
1993City HunterActor, Action DirectorBased on the Japanese manga City Hunter
1993Crime StoryActor
1993Kin Chan No Cinema JackProducerAnthology film. Hong Kong section was produced by Jackie Chan and featured Yuen Biao.
1994Drunken Master IIActor
1995ThunderboltActor, Action Director
1995Rumble in the BronxActor, Action Director
1996Police Story 4: First StrikeActor, Action Director
1997Mr. Nice GuyActor
1998Who Am I?Actor, Director, Writer, Action Director
1998Rush HourActor
1998Hot WarProducer
1998An Alan Smithee Film:Cameo
1998Burn Hollywood BurnHimself
1998MulanVoice ActorOnly in Cantonese and Mandarin version of film.
1999King of ComedyActor
1999GorgeousActor, Writer, Producer, Action Director
1999Gen-X CopsCameo
1999Tempting HeartPresenter
2000Shanghai NoonActor, Producer
2000Dragon HeatCameo
2000Gen-X Cops 2: Metal MayhemPresenter
2001The Accidental SpyActor, Producer
2001Rush Hour 2Actor
2002The TuxedoActor
2003Shanghai KnightsActor, Producer, Action Director
2003The Twins Effect (aka Vampire Effect)Cameo
2003The MedallionActor
2004Around the World in 80 DaysActor, Producer
2004The Twins Effect IIActor
2004New Police StoryActor, Action Director
2004Enter the PhoenixCameo
2004Rice RhapsodyExecutive Producer
2005The MythActor, Action Director
2005Everlasting RegretProducer
2005House of FuryProducer
2006Rob-B-HoodActor, Writer, Producer, Action Director
2007Rush Hour 3Actor
2007Air DiaryProducer
2008The Forbidden KingdomActor
2008Kung Fu PandaVoice Actor
2008Run Papa RunExecutive Producer
2009Shinjuku IncidentActor
2009Looking for JackieHimself
2009The Founding of a RepublicCameo
2010The Spy Next DoorActor
2010Little Big SoldierActor, Producer, Action Director, Production Manager
2010The Karate KidActor
2010Kung Fu Panda HolidayVoice Actor
2010The Legend of Silk BoyVoice Actor
2011Kung Fu Panda 2Voice Actor
20111911Actor, Director
2011Legendary AmazonsProducer
2012Chinese Zodiac (CZ12)Actor, Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Art Director, Lighting, Action Director, …Director
2013The UnbelievableActorShort film
2013Personal TailorCameo
2013Police Story 2013Actor, Executive Producer
2014As the Light Goes OutCameo
2015Dragon BladeActor, Producer, Action Director
2015Who Am I 2015Producer
2015Monkey King: Hero is BackVoice Actor
2016Kung Fu Panda 3Voice Actor
2016SkiptraceActor, Producer, Action Director
2016The Master: A Lego Ninjago ShortVoice onlyShort film
2016Railroad TigersActor
2017Kung Fu YogaActor, Action Director
2017The Nut Job 2: Nutty by NatureVoice Actor
2017The Lego Ninjago MovieActor, Voice Actor
2017The ForeignerActor, Producer
2017Bleeding SteelActor, Producer
2019The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and YangActor
2019The DiaryWriter, Producer
2019Wish DragonVoice Actor, Producer
2019Viy 2: Journey to ChinaActor
2019Beijing: Wan Jiu Zhao WuActorJackie’s son, Jaycee Chan’s directorial debut
2019Project X-TractionActor
2020Once Upon a ZodiacVoice Actor, Executive Producer