You want more than just simple word-of-mouth to promote your company. Here are some creative and affordable ways on how to market your small business.

Your small business is ready for customers, but without the immediate brand recognition of larger companies, getting the word out is a bit difficult. You want more than just simple word-of-mouth to promote your small business, but maybe not quite as big, or expensive, as a Super Bowl commercial.

01) Create Quality Content

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You want to keep clients updated on your business. Create and post quality content online, whether in the form of videos, podcasts, or blog posts. Posting videos to YouTube is free, and there are many sites that allow you to create a blog at little to no cost. There is no shortage of creative ways to market your small business and produce quality content. Use these platforms to post information about your business or discuss topics that are relevant to your industry. Sharing these blog posts is easy and will help create a buzz about your business that extends far beyond your surrounding community.

02) Connect On Social Media

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Creating social media pages for your business is a simple and cheap way to connect with your clients. Some social media platforms can even take your marketing strategy one step further with sponsored ads. Use Instagram or Facebook ads to target your specific audience and it will help increase traffic to your business’ website. Certain social media platforms, like LinkedIn, can also help you connect with other small businesses in your area or other companies within your industry.

03) Hold A Contest Or Giveaway

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People love free stuff and your potential customers are no exception. Holding a contest is a great way to get customers excited about your business. The contest doesn’t need to be huge to intrigue people; consider a business card drawing, or an online contest, with a free service or sample product as the prize. Online contests that require emails to enter are also a great way to gather customer contact information, just be sure to verify you can add them to an email list. You can later use this to inform your customers about new developments in your business.

04) Start A Customer Referral Program

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There are few people that your customers trust more than their own friends and family. A customer referral program is an easy way to create buzz for new customers, while also showing appreciation to existing customers. Offer existing customers a discount, or sample, in exchange for referring new customers, then watch as word travels quickly about your business.

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