As technology and security have made the online casino experience safer than ever, the popularity of online gambling has shown incredible growth. Over the last decade, technology advances have enabled gamers to play safely online with state-of-the-art security. This confidence has resulted in the global growth of online gambling audiences. In Great Britain alone, the number of online gambling accounts doubled from 15 to 33+ million accounts between 2013-2018. Here are some of the ways that online casinos have improved safety and given gamblers more confidence.

Growth Of United Kingdom Gambling Accounts 2008-2018

1Online Gambling Licenses

All legitimate online casinos obtain gambling licenses from credible jurisdictions like the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority and the Isle of Man’s Gambling Supervision Commission. These licensing organizations exist to help protect the integrity of the industry and guarantee a level of protection to online gamblers.

2Online Casino Game Audits

3Player Data Security

A lot of financial transactions take place at online casinos. Thousands of money transactions take place between going to the operator and the customer on a daily basis. In addition to money, a lot of personal information is also transferred and stored. Therefore, to ensure data security, operators use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to encrypt information and prevent cybercrooks from intercepting data transfers.

4User Verification

It’s become common these days for online operators to ask for proof of identification when a player is looking to make their first cash deposit or withdrawal. Verifying a user’s identity works in multiple ways as it first helps to prevent underage gambling. It also eliminates the threat of fraud and user identify theft, with the operator being able to match a user’s details against the ones that have been provided through copies of their identification.

5Money Transfer Restrictions

Members of online casinos will also find that there are deposit and withdrawal restrictions in place, and while these are there to help prevent gambling problems from arising, they’re also crucial when it comes to security too. These restrictions will help to prevent operators from becoming victims of credit card fraud, as well as preventing any dishonest people out there who may have obtained somebody else’s card details, from running amok.

Online Casino Safety & Security

As you can see, reputable online casinos place a heavy priority on safety and security. Technology today has enabled any responsible operator to offer a safe and secure gaming environment for its members. Players obviously benefit from a vastly improved service, which will always have the latest security features to ensure the long-term success of the business. Keeping gamblers happy is in everyone’s best interests. Their happiness and confidence in the system ultimately ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the online gaming industry.

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