Baby Falls Out Of Car In Car Seat, Mom Just Drives Away

Here’s a frightening incident that took place in Minnesota. This dashcam video shows a baby in a car seat falling out of a moving car and into the street. After the baby falls out of the car in car seat, the mom just drives away.

Baby In Car Seat Falls Out Of Car in Frigheneting Dashcam Video

How did this happen? How did a baby in a car seat fall out of a moving car? It looks like the baby was belted into the car seat properly, but the car seat was not secured in the car. Then either the baby opened the car door or it wasn’t closed in the first place. As the car rounded the turn, the car seat then tumbled out the open door.

Luckily the car seat didn’t flip when it fell out of the car and cause a serious head injury to the baby. The mother may face child endangerment charges.

Bystanders Help After Baby Falls Out Of Car In Car Seat

Bystanders in Mankato, Minnesota who witnessed the baby fall out of the moving car, were able to take care of the child until authorities arrived.

Baby Falls Out Of Car In Car Seat

Via Chad Cheddar

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