It seems like CBD, the marijuana compound that doesn’t get you high, gets more and more popular every day. According to a report by Quartz, 86% of Americans have already heard about CBD and 20% have already given it a try. However, only 7% answered that they regularly use CBD products. Why? Probably because figuring out the CBD benefits of different products can be confusing. Here are some CBD products that you should know about and the specific CBD benefits of each product.

What Is CBD?

First off, a lot of people wonder what is CBD? CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. That’s right, the same plants that people use for recreational marijuana use, also produce CBD. But unlike marijuana, CBD doesn’t have THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient that gets you high. So CBD products still offer many of the same claimed health benefits from cannabis plants, but without getting you high. This is why manufacturers are now adding CBD to everything from cold brew coffee to dog food.

Where To Research CBD Benefits

Many studies on cannabidiol have already found that CBD can help concentration and sleep. Newer studies have added reducing seizures, anxiety, and inflammation to the list of CBD benefits.

CBD Products And Their Health Benefits

Manufacturers are finding more and more ways to incorporate CBD into their products and bring their various health benefits to their customers. Here are some CBD products to look for and their health benefits.

1CBD Tea

For centuries, various teas from chamomile to fruity teas like ginger peach tea, have been used to help everything from sleeplessness to constipation. Teas also typically contain antioxidants that can help you cleanse your system.

CBD-infused teas usually contain about 100mg of CBD and can help enhance some of the natural health benefits of tea. Studies have shown that CBD teas can help you sleep and relax.

2CBD Bath Bomb

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Applying CBD on the skin is found to help wounds heal faster and also relieve pain. Adding CBD to a bath bomb will make a bath both relaxing and healing.

3CBD Chocolate

A lot of chocolate brands are now embracing CBD oil. You can get chocolates with different flavors and levels of CBD. Some CBD chocolate products include chocolate bars, chocolate drinks, and chocolate candies. CBD oil-infused chocolates can help you relax while you enjoy a delicious treat.

4CBD Lotion

Lotions are one of the most obvious products that can benefit from cannabidiol. CBD lotion not only moisturizes your skin but also includes anti-inflammatory and healing benefits.

5CBD Gummies

One of the easiest ways to make CBD part of your daily routine is by taking it in vitamin form. In addition to including cannabidiol, CBD gummies are also often infused with other vitamins like B12 and D3. A CBD gummy a day can help keep sleeplessness and anxiety away.

6CBD Chapsticks & Body Balms

It’s one thing to have chapped lips, but it’s another to have extremely dry and cut lips. CBD chapsticks and lip balms not only moisturize your lips but also help chapped lips heal faster.

Some CBD balms are multi-purpose and can be used on other parts of your face or body. So the next time you have a cut, just use some CBD blam to help reduce inflammation and increase healing.

7CBD Coffee

Major coffee chains are actively looking at adding CBD products to their coffee menus. In the meantime, many cold brew coffee manufactures already have CBD coffee products for sale. Cold brew coffee is less acidic and has a stronger taste than regular coffee. CBD infused coffee is said to make you feel more energized and less anxious.

8CBD Pet Food & Treats

The health benefits of CBD products aren’t just limited to humans. Pets can also experience some of the health benefits of CBD including reduced anxiety and inflation. CBD oil-infused pet treats and food are also easier to give to pets compared to oils and tinctures.

9CBD Patches

CBD patches can be placed on specific areas of your body where you experience pain or inflammation. Instead of a pain relief patch that you can get from drugstores, get a CBD patch if you need something that you can use for a longer period of time. CBD patches are a more natural way to reduce inflammation and increase healing.

The Future Of CBD Oil

It’s doubtful that CBD will just be a fad. People who regularly used CBD oil-infused products talk about how they feel better than ever. It’s not hard to imagine that someday soon CBD will in everything from Starbucks coffee to Diet Coke.

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