5 Under-Appreciated Jobs That Require A Lot Of Walking

5 Underappreciated Jobs That Require a Lot of Walking

Maybe you’ve reached a point in your career when you’re beginning to wonder what lies beyond your cubicle walls. If you’re thinking about starting over and getting a more active job, consider one of these underrated jobs that require a lot of walking.


Postal carriers grind out mile after mile, day after day. This career, which is quickly being made obsolete by Amazon, UPS, and FedEx, is thankless indeed. However, mailmen have been a stalwart presence on the American landscape since the days of the Pony Express – they must be allowed to continue delivering coupons, catalogs, and birthday cards to every American.

Beer Vendor

A close relative of the hot dog vendor, the beer vendor’s distinctive call of “BEER HERE!” can be heard at any major sporting event. Trudging up and down stairs while carrying 30 to 40 pounds of beer is surely difficult, but it will keep anyone in shape and comes with a lot of tips from appreciative fans. These guys are the unsung heroes of the sports world, and they deserve to be recognized.

Dog Walker

Walking a mob of dogs may seem easy, but it’s certainly not. When 15 dogs try to chase a cat all at once, you may get dragged through the street like in a Western movie. K9ers, as they like to be called, are seldom seen because of the herd of dogs that surrounds them, but make no mistake—they’re there. Dog walkers can actually make a lot of money, depending on how many dogs they walk and what city they’re in. New to the trekker scene, dog walkers allow people with no time and lots of money to finally take it easy.

Parking Enforcement Officer

Parking Enforcement Officer, that’s the new, nice, shiny name for them, but when they give out a parking ticket, they become meter maids. Even though scorn and derision are heaped upon them daily, they keep alleyways and entrances clear and handicap spots available to those who really need them — to do this job, the applicant must have skin like a rhino, a short memory, and nerves of steel. And to be honest, a lot of people suck at parking and we need Parking Enforcement Officers to help keep order.

Corn Detasseling

If you aren’t from the Midwest, you probably have no idea what this is. Farmers pay anyone tall enough to reach the top of the plant, usually high school kids, to walk the fields and pull the tassels off the corn. This is a form of necessary pollination control, and it can only be done in the heat of summer. Even if the field is muddy, the job must get done.

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