5 Incredible Robotic Innovations (That Will Be A Part Of Your Future)

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The world of robotics has undergone a beautiful evolution over the last several decades. Despite fears of robotic world domination depicted in films like Terminator and Matrix, robots have proven to be vital tools in several areas including home assistants, medical and transportation. From home assistants to surgical assistants, here are some incredible robotic innovations that will part of your future.

1Household Assistant Robots

When you think of home robots, clunky tools like the Roomba vacuum and the Looj gutter cleaner probably come to mind. But in the near future, actual household assistant robots like Rosey from The Jetsons will be available for sale.

The Aeolus Bot is both an excellent home companion and butler. Although this assistant bot by Aeolus Robotics is still in its prototype stages, it’s sure to be popular when it hits the market. The Aeolus Bot makes life easier for users by performing common chores. It will have the ability to clean surfaces, guard your home, vacuum and put away objects. The manufacturer also equipped it with Alexa making it easily respond to instructions and basic commands.

Before you decide to get a domestic robot for your home, you should read reviews from a reliable source to find one that fits your needs.

2Medical Robots

The world of medicine and technology is quickly adopting robotics. Today, most high-level medical institutions have at least one robot to help perform medical or diagnostic functions. With accuracy and speed, they offer surgical services unmatched by humans. In the diagnostics field, many medical robots are equipped with artificial intelligence which allows them to accurately detect disease by considering various factors including a patient’s genetics. This is almost impossible for human doctoring. Robotic innovations in medicine will help to further reduce the possibilities of errors on the operating table and beyond.

Here are just a few innovative robots in the medical field to look for in the near future:

  • Da Vinci Surgical System: The Da Vinci Surgical System is a surgeon’s assistant that can perform tiny precision incisions that create less bleeding, promote faster healing, and help reduce the risk of infection.
  • Robotic Prosthetics: After thousands of soldiers started coming home missing limbs from war zones like Afghanistan and Iraq, the field of prosthetics started making incredible advancements. As a result, new robotic prosthetics are so advanced that they can actually interface with human nervous systems and sometimes perform better than real limbs.
  • Endoscopy-Bots: The days of doctors ramming a small camera or surgical tool into the human body may be over. New robotic technology by companies like Medineering enables medical professionals to drive tiny robots the size of a pill to targeted areas to do things like taking biopsies or even cauterizing a wound.

3Self-Navigating Vehicles

Self-driving cars are an awesome but really scary robotic innovation. That’s right, a self-driving Tesla is basically just a robot. These cars are even smart enough to drive you in rush hour traffic while you are asleep. They are also environment-friendly vehicles and mostly electric powered.

4Robot Cooks

Don’t have time to cook dinner? No problem, just have your robot chef do all of the work. Thanks to innovative robotics in the kitchen, your favorite meal can now be ready for you when you get home from work. Robot chefs like the Moley Robotic Chef have the ability to master any recipe and even add a human touch to it.

5Social Robots

As a product of Hanson Robotics, Sophia is ultimately a major leap in the fusion of humans and machines. This humanoid is powered by Google and able to socialize at a human level. It was designed to respond to questions and has been interviewed around the world. In October 2017 it became a citizen of Saudi Arabia, the first humanoid to acquire citizenship of any nation. Innovative robots like Sophia can even tell the occasional joke.

From the elderly to the lonely, in the future when a human desperately needs a companion, there’s a high probability that it might be an artificial lifeform.

Awesome Robotic Innovations

There’s no doubt that the field of robotics is quickly growing and will slowly become an integrated part of our daily lives. What are some of your favorite innovative robotics? What are you hoping to see in the near future?

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