If you are looking for some female fitness blogs to help inspire your fitness journey, then you’ve come to the right place. These blogs are listed in order of the Alexa web traffic rankings. From MyFitnessPal to Yoga With Adriene, here are some of the best female fitness blogs or sites with great female writers to help inspire a healthier lifestyle.

On a side note, if you’re looking to advertise to females who care about fitness, then make sure you add some of the great independent blogs about fitness in this article to your site whitelist. Here’s a ranked spreadsheet of the best female fitness blogs. These women put a lot of work into their blogs and could use your ad revenue to help support their efforts.


Seeing MyFitnessPal at the top of this list shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The site is managed by Under Armour, one of the biggest fitness brands in the world, and has a massive amount of blog content and resources for anyone who cares about fitness. Not only is the site great, but the free MyFitnessPal app (iOS, Android) is the perfect mobile companion for your fitness lifestyle when you aren’t near a computer. And although the MyFitnessPal blog isn’t only for women, most of the site’s writers are female. Alexa Rank: 1,769


With a focus on science-based holistic wellness, the mindbodygreen blog explores the intersection of spiritual, mental and physical health. It’s also worth mentioning the site’s clean and very easy to navigate design. Alexa Rank: 14,317

3Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal is one of the most popular yoga blogs about fitness on the Internet and features the latest yoga news, event listings, inspiring tips, pose instruction, and reviews on yoga and athletic apparel. You probably need a new pair of yoga pants anyway. Alexa Rank: 19,205

4Muscle & Fitness

If your idea of a fitness workout is more extreme than a yoga workout then you like this next entry. Muscle & Fitness is dedicated to covering the full fitness landscape and introducing fans to new trends in training, nutrition, athletic apparel, gear, and technology. The site also features video interviews with various sports stars, actors (like Mark Wahlberg), professional wrestlers and fitness experts. Alexa Rank: 22,909

5Chocolate Covered Katie


One of the hardest parts of living a healthy lifestyle is being strong enough to deny bad foods, like desserts, from entering your body. The healthy dessert blog Chocolate Covered Katie proves that you can still reward yourself with dessert, you just have to be more creative on your ingredients. The blog features innovative keto, sugar-free and vegan recipes that work within your healthier lifestyle. Alexa Rank: 51,186

6Life By Daily Burn


Life By Daily Burn is a blog committed to helping you live a happier, healthier and more active lifestyle. With a mix of articles on fitness, dieting, sleep, stress, and recipes, it’s easy to get lost in all of the great content. Alexa Rank: 52,322


Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor who delights her blog readers at Blogilates and her nearly 5 million YouTube subscribers with workout videos, fitness challenges, and gentle encouragement and motivation. Casey’s approach to adding pop music to pilates workouts (POP Pilates®) is a huge hit with her community and is part of what makes her content so much fun to experience. Alexa Rank: 68,895



There are both healthy and unhealthy ways to lose weight. Lauren McManus from Avocadu helps guide her audience on how to lose weight in a safe and healthy way through diet, healthy living, and yoga. Alexa Rank: 80,237

9Yoga With Adriene

With a great collection of free yoga workouts, Yoga With Adriene is an incredible resource for anyone who enjoys yoga. Adriene Mishler‘s workouts are organized to help you reach a variety of objectives including increasing flexibility, burning calories, and finding stress relief. The best part, her dog often joins Adriene in her yoga videos and might have unknowingly helped contribute to her 5M+ YouTube followers. Alexa Rank: 150,372

10Love Sweat Fitness

If you’re looking for a fitness champion to help motivate you on your fitness journey, then meet Katie Dunlop, from Love Sweat Fitness. Katie’s goal is to help you reach your fitness goals. She provides everything from daily motivation and workout tips to nutrition advice on to her readers. She’s also detailed her own fitness journey online and how she lost 45 pounds!

11Summer Tomato

Even with a rigorous exercise routine, you probably can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Darya Rose from Summer Tomato wants to help you upgrade your healthstyle. Her blog is full of great advice and suggestions on how to adjust your longterm eating habits. Restrictive diets work, but only for a short period of time. The trick is to make your diet habits and exercise part of your health and fitness lifestyle. Alexa Rank: 492,193

12The Balanced Life

One of the hardest parts of trying to live a healthier lifestyle is learning how to balance the needs of your children and yourself. Robin Long from The Balanced Life is a fitness instructor with four kids and knows these difficulties all too well. With a great mix of free Pilates workouts, healthy lifestyle tips, and recipes, The Balanced Life is a fun read for busy women looking to find more balance in their lives. Alexa Rank: 600,603

13Fitting It All In

While recovering from an eating disorder, Clare needed an outlet to escape from her isolation. As part of her recovery, she started the blog Fitting It All In and the rest is history. The blog addresses mental and physical health issues and has tips on how to make health and fitness part of your daily routine. Alexa Rank: 1.3M

14Jessi Kneeland

Fitness blogger and body image coach Jessi Kneeland is on a mission. She wants her audience to learn to love every inch of their body. Her site’s content is empowering and features body-positive pieces about fitness, diet, sex, and physical health. Alexa Rank: 1.3M

15The Great Fitness Experiment

The Great Fitness Experiment is a blog by Charlotte Andersen, a mother of four who likes testing out the workouts she finds in magazines and on fitness blogs. Charlotte is funny and relatable and you can’t help to get pulled into her regular blog posts. Alexa Rank: 1.5M

16Fitness In The City

Fitness In The City is a blog by Lee Sutherland, personal trainer and certified health coach living in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. The blog features articles on health, fitness, dieting, saving money and how to reduce your use of plastics and other single-use packaging items. Come for the content, but stay for the incredible photography. Lee should add “photographer” to her list of credits. Alexa Rank: 1.7M

More Female Fitness Blogs?

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