Unicorn Gifts & Geeky Accessories In The MethodShop Store

We first launched MethodShop 24 years ago in 1996. Here’s a link to the whole story if you want to learn more. To help celebrate our 24th anniversary this year, we’re excited to officially share with you our new online store. The MethodShop Store is full of geeky apparel, geeky accessories, homeware, and even unicorn gifts.

Unicorn Rainbow Gear

Unicorn Clothes
Unicorn rainbow gear

Featuring an artistic multi-colored painted design, our unicorn with rainbow colors merchandise includes unicorn t-shirts, unicorn mugs, unicorn tank tops, unicorn bags, unicorn kid’s clothes, unicorn hoodies and more. Our favorite is the unicorn onesie. If you know someone who loves unicorn gifts, then be sure to check them out.

Nerdy Socks & Geeky Accessories

Nerdy Socks & Geeky Accessories
Geeky socks

Socks don’t just have to be black and white. We have a full line of fun dress socks featuring a variety of designs including peacock socks, guitar socks, matrix socks, neon light socks, and shamrock socks.

The “New” MethodShop Store?

Sorry, this is exactly a brand new minted Methodshop store. We’ve actually been quietly adding products to the MethodShop Store since November 2019. But now we feel we have enough geeky accessories and appeal items in stock to make an official announcement. Please take a look around the MethodShop Store and tell us what you think.