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Saturday Night Live Animation

The Somewhat Complete History of Animation and Saturday Night Live

From sketches to spinoffs, here's a comprehensive history of animation on Saturday Night Live and the impact it has had on popular culture.
Cobra Island Rave

Cobra Island Rave: Your Favorite 1980s Cartoons Get NSFW

"Cobra Island Rave" is a crude mix of bad dialogue, clever editing, drugs, incest, glowing vomit, sex, inside jokes and venereal disease.

From Beavis to Britney: 25 memorable moments on MTV’s 25th anniversary

No one knows how to throw a party like MTV. So there must be quite a bash planned for Aug. 1, celebrating 25 years...
The Best Frasier Guest Stars

The 10 Best Frasier Guest Stars Ever To Appear On The Popular TV Sitcom

Here's a list of the best Frasier guest stars over the course of the series, which would win a walloping 37 Primetime Emmy Awards in its 11 years.
Scary Hand

Halloween Music For Adults: 22 Halloween Songs That Don’t Suck

I've compiled a less torturing list of more non-traditional Halloween music. Here's my list of Halloween songs for adults that don't suck.
Office Space Red Stapler

Top 30 Office Space Quotes (How Many Do You Know?)

Have you ever had to endure a temperamental fax machine or a smarmy, condescending boss? These are the best Office Space quotes from the 1999 movie.
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