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I was lucky enough to check out these funky looking headphones at CES this year.

It only takes three "c" words to sum up how I feel about Subjekt's Alien DJ Headphones colorful, comfortable and clear. Believe me, I am no DJ, but I am a music connoisseur who enjoys listening to music of all shapes and sizes. It is this love of music that keeps me constantly on the lookout for terrific sounding headphones.

I don't know how music professionals would feel about Subjekt's headphones, but this Joe Schmo music fan gives them her seal of approval.


    • ears
    • an iPod, iPhone or another headphone ready audio source
    • a funky sense of style
NERD NOTE: Headphones are descendents of the telephone earpiece common around the turn of the 20th century.

Funky Like Punky

Not only is this product functional, its bright, multi-colored Punky Brewster look turns listening to your music into a fun and funky fashion statement. One thing is for sure, everyone will notice you while you are sporting these headphones.

funk djheadphones subjekt


Flexible & Comfortable

As advertised, Subjekt's headphones are indeed very comfortable owing to their extra large ear cushions and flexibility. In fact, they are so flexible that you can bend them into a straight line without breaking them.

alien dj split

They were clearly made with DJ's in mind. DJ's often have to toss and bend their headphones while mixing and queuing up songs for the dance floor. Having a flexible and inexpensive pair of headphones is just common sense. Even my finicky cat Marty finds them comfortable enough to wear.




I tried my pair out for the first time walking down the street on a cold winter day in New York City. The added benefit was that they also did a superb job of blocking the wind and keeping my ears warm! Although they may be lightweight compared to similar products, my only complaint about Subjekt's phones is that they start to feel heavy if you wear them for a very long period of time. But isn't that true with everything anyway?




Whether you are listening to classical or dance music or anything in between, everything sounds brilliantly clear with a terrific bass response.


alien djThe Price IS Right

All in all, the price tag for the Subjekt's Alien DJ Headphones is what really won us over. Under $50 is an awesome deal for flexible great sounding headphones that also double as trendy earmuffs.

If you are thinking about buying some funk DJ headphones, then be sure to check these out first because they really do give the more expensive brands a run for their money.

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