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A Handbrake Tutorial
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Do you have a ton of DVD's? Want to watch them on your iPad, iPod, iPhone or Apple TV? Here's a tutorial that explains how to use an awesome program called Handbrake to rip DVD's into MPEG-4 video files that you can load into iTunes.


    • An iPod, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV
    • 500 MHz processor or better with at least 16MB of video RAM
    • QuickTime 7.0.3 or later
    • iTunes 6.0.1 or later
    • VLC player (Handbrake 0.9.3 and higher)
    • Handbrake software

This video below will walk you through ripping a DVD or converting a digital video file using Handbrake. Step by step text instructions can also be found below.

01) Download Handbrake

HandbrakeDownload Handbrake from one of the sites listed below and install it. Handbrake is free and works on Macintosh OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux. If you already have Handbrake installed, please check to see if your version is out of date. New improvements are made on a regular basis to the program.

You can download Handbrake using any of the links listed below:

handbrakeNERD NOTE: HandBrake is a GPL'd multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter. HandBrake was originally available on the BeOS, but now has been ported over to Mac OS X and to GNU/Linux.

02) VLC Install

handbrakeWhat version of Handbrake are you using? As of version 0.9.3, Handbrake will no longer natively rip DVDs. Weird right? They were getting some pressure from the movie industry. But don't give up on Handbrake just yet. You can still use Handbrake 0.9.3 to rip DVDs, you just need to install VLC on your machine first.

If you see the VLC warning screen like the one shown to the right, then you need to download and install VLC.

VLC Download Page:


The VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, etc.) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network. Handbrake now uses some components of the VLC player and it must be installed if you want Handbrake to read DVDs.


After you download VLC, you need to install it. Directions are below for both Mac and PC.

  • How to install VLC - Macintosh
    VLC for Mac OS X is distributed as a disk image. Download the .dmg file, open it, and copy VLC to your hard drive (for instance the /Applications folder). Open VLC by double-clicking on it.
  • How to install VLC - PC
    After you download VLC, the installer will walk you through the install

03) Load Source

dvd playerGrab a video DVD and put it into your computer. Handbrake can standard video DVD's that you would normally play in a DVD player as well as digital video files such as AVI, MPG, WMV, MOV, etc.

Depending on your computer's preferences, the DVD Player application might automatically open. If it does, just quit it. Only one application should be accessing the DVD at a time.

Launch Handbrake. From the File menu, select Open Source (File > Open Source). Select the DVD you've inserted into your computer or a digital video file and press the Open button.


04) Source Settings

[Handbrake title selection menu]Handbrake will now scan your DVD or digital video file. This make take up to a minute or two depending on the contents of the DVD and the speed of your optical drive.

Title: By default, Handbrake will select the longest title in the list. However, this may not be the content you want.

  • Movies: If you are ripping a movie, the longest title is usually the main feature.

  • TV Shows: If you are ripping a DVD containing TV shows, you should see a list of several titles all about the same length.

The shorter titles on the DVD are usually the video backgrounds used in the DVD menu screens and DVD extras like movie trailers. Unless you are a graphic artist, you probably don't want these tracks.

[Handbrake title selection menu]

If you only want to rip one title but aren't sure which one, you can click on the Picture Settings button (bottom right of the Handbrake interface) and manually step through several frames of the title to see what you're ripping looks like.

NERD NOTE: Sometimes Handbrake is unable to see every track on a DVD. We've noticed issues with very old DVD's from the mid-1990s (before the days of fancy menus and Bonus features) and some newer DVD's like Stealth. There are different techniques and methods to authoring DVD's Sometimes the tracks get nested in weird ways that prevents Handbrake from seeing them. Other DVD ripping applications like Mac The Ripper and OSex might be able to see these tracks. Look for the longest track. That is probably the main feature.

05) Destination Settings

handbrakeThe Destination section has 3 settings you can modify: file format, codec and file destination.

File Destination: You can name your file and choose its destination using this box. Try to pick a location that has sufficient disk space to store the ripped file. On average, you need about 1 GB per full length movie.

06) Select A Preset

Handbrake has presets for a variety popular devices like the iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox, Sony PSP and many more. Just select a preset and Handbrake will automatically fill in all the settings for you.

If you plan on watching your converted file on your iPod, iPad, iPhone or even Apple TV, then we suggest you select "Universal" from the Apple preset section and drop the average bitrate down to somewhere between 500-900 kbps. 500 kbps will give you a nice high quality file that will work on both big (HDTVs) and small screens (iPod/iPhone) and won't take up a ton of hard drive space, but it will look slightly compressed. Pick a higher number, like 900 kbps, if quality is more important to you than a smaller file size.


If you really want to experiment with all the Handbrake settings, then check out a tutorial we wrote for the old version of Handbrake before they integrated the Presets feature.

07) Picture Settings handbrake

Click on the Picture Settings button to launch a separate window. The only thing you really want to do here is to compensate for interlaced or grainy, compressed looking video. Handbrake will have adjusted everything here for you based on the preset you selected.

Sometimes video files will have horizontal lines in them. This is called interlacing. To get rid of interlacing, try turning on the Deinterlace option and select "Fast." The image below is animated and will toggle between when the deinterlace option is turned on or off. You can really see the difference around the edge of the flipper.


Denoise will help get rid of graininess and Deblock will help clean up blocky or compressed looking video. Experiment and try to make your video clip look the best possible. Get it right or Cobra Commander will beat you up.

Cobra Commander

Can you guess what movie this still is from in the image below? Here's a hint: this scene was shot in Central Park and the guy in the Kabuki outfit is the hero of the film. Please impress us with your film knowledge on the MethodShop Facebook page.

[Handbrake resize picture settings]

NERD NOTE: Your iPod really only wants video files that are 320 pixels wide by 240 wide. If you don't plan on watching this ripped DVD on anything else, you can mess around with the settings. Turn on the "Keep aspect ratio button" and decrease the Width until it says 320. Handbrake will auto-adjust the height to match the width. If your video source is 3:4 (full-screen), the height will be 240. For wide-screen content, the height will be a lower number. This is fine and isn't something to worry about.

But if you plan on watching this video on your TV with an Apple TV or an iPod Video dock, then you should keep the video size big. If you don't have the money for an Apple TV, there's this amazing iPod video dock called the Keyspan TuneView. If you want to hook your iPod Video up to your TV, you should check out the TuneView.

08) Subtitles & Audio

subtitles - The TouristDoes the movie you're ripping have subtitles? Even if the movie isn't a "foreign" film, some scenes might have subtitles. For example, Killing Zoe (Eric Stoltz), Ronin (Robert De Niro), The Tourist (Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie) and Da Vinci Code (Tom Hanks) are all English films, but have several scenes where characters speak in a language other than English. Unless you speak French, good luck following some of the lengthy French spoken scenes in the Da Vinci Code.

Wait. Are we saying that you need to turn on English subtitles for the entire movie? No way. You can just burn in forced subtitles only. Meaning, the subtitles will only be activated when a character speaks in a language different from the main audio track like in the image to the right from The Tourist. Here's how:

  • Click on the the Subtitles tab.
  • Select English from the language track drop down menu
  • Check "Forced Only" and "Burned In"


If you want to burn in subtitles for a specific language for the entire movie, then just select the language, burned in and DO NOT check "Forced Only."

As far as audio. You should probably go with the default settings that Handbrake selects for you. But if your DVD rips the wrong audio or you want to customize what audio is included with your video, then you can do this by clicking on the Audio tab (Video, Audio, Subtitles, Advanced, Chapters). In the screenshot below, we've selected an audio track called "Unknown (AC3) (2.0 ch)."


09) Rip

Finally! Click on the Rip button and stand back. The encoding time will depend on several variables including: the duration of the video file, the speed of your computer, what other activity your computer is currently doing, the codec you selected (H264 or MP4) and if you decided to do a 2-pass encoding or not.

encoding - dvd rip

Handbrake will attempt to provide you with an ETA. The time will increase if you Pause the encode or do anything that will hog the processor like start a 3D render in Maya. We suggest you do your DVD ripping overnight or at a time when you don't need to use your computer.

When encoding is finished, quit Handbrake.

Using Handbrake to rip the classic adult film Debbie Does Dallas.

10) Import Into iTunes

Now that you have your new movie file, you probably want to import it into iTunes right? Here's how:

  • Connect your iPod, iPad or iPhone to your computer using the cable it came with and open iTunes (Applications > iTunes).
  • Drag and drop the video file you just made into your iTunes library, or select Add to Library... from the File menu.
  • Make sure the video file you just added to iTunes is in a Playlist that will get synced to your device.
  • Select "Sync"
  • The sync may take a few minutes. Once completed, the file should now be on your iPod, iPad or iPhone.
itunes logo

iPad playing Star Trek

11) You Did It!

If you run into any issues or have questions, please post a question on the MethodShop Facebook Wall. Is Handbrake too complicated? PC users looking for a super easy DVD-to-iPod solution should use DVD Copy by InterVideo.

Mac The Ripper12) Troubleshooting

  • Is the DVD you're ripping scratched? Many times it's impossible to rip a physically damaged disc. Try to find another copy of the DVD that isn't scratched.
  • Are you trying to rip a Blu-ray disc? Handbrake doesn't do Blu-ray. Try using one of these apps BestHD Blu-ray DVD Ripper (PC) or Aiseesoft Blu-ray to MP4 Ripper (MAC).
  • Advanced copy protection can also cause ripping errors. If you are on a Mac, then try ripping the DVD to a hard drive first using a free application called MacTheRipper. Eject the DVD from your computer and then use Handbrake on that folder. community email
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